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Liz Anne Hill drops her new Single "The Desert" along with her widsom for our readers

Liz Anne Hill released her brand-new single “The Desert”. Each song on the upcoming EP will be released alongside a corresponding video which will be released every month. Liz said, “The four-part music release series is about a love interest until you get it right.” Liz is very excited to share her new music with the music community.

In 2017, she moved from Arizona to Nashville to break into the country music scene and released her first single, “The Fish Ain’t Bitin'”. Liz hasn’t put out a single in two years she has been songwriting her way through Nashville, working with some of the most acclaimed and esteemed songwriters. When it was time for Liz to start focusing on releasing her work, she sat down with her producer and decided that she would put the songs out that most represented who she is as an artist in the music world. Arizona is in her heart and she still calls it home. After making a trip home, she said “that she was having these nightmares and incredibly strange dreams and I knew I had to write a song about home. I got back to Nashville and co-wrote with my sister and we nailed it!” All the songs on the EP were inspired from her trip back home to Arizona.

Listen to the entire EP: CLICK HERE and hit the "Listen" Tab

Liz is working hard; her team is putting out a new cover video every week. They are based out of Florida, NY & Nashville. When Liz started to work on this project she really wanted to showcase her love of her hometown Arizona in the songs & videos so that the listeners and readers could be transported there thru her musical journey.

One of the most admirable traits Liz has, is staying true to her vision of her songs, music and content. Liz wants to create music her way, so she is her own boss. She said, “many artists are just chasing the record deal as the end game. Why should you put out music that isn’t who you are?” We asked Liz what advice she would give to our readers and she said, “The power is 100% in your hands. So many artists she looks up to make the music they want to create. Don’t just make music for radio! I want to encourage the readers to be creative in anything they do, whether it is music, photography, videos, drawings, etc. Make the art you want to make and lock yourself in on who you are as an artist and own it.”

Liz Anne Hill: Website


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