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Lindsay Adamson Releases Upbeat New Single "Country Music Feels Like Home"

Over 30,000 people a year are allured to Music City from places all across the world, with close to 100 people moving in each day alone. The idea of picking up and leaving a life you knew to head straight for the unknown is terrifying, regardless of the distance. Lindsay Adamson, a Canadian native, knows this feeling all too well and wrote her new single, “Country Music Feels Like Home”, about finally finding her place - in Music City making country music. 

In order to pursue her country music career, Adamson moved to Nashville from her hometown of Toronto. She left the comforts of home where she enjoyed success at an early age performing her original music to crowds of up to 5,000, for the well known music circuit of Music City. 

Writing this song made me realize that the feeling of home is not connected to a geographic location,” Lindsay said. “You get to feel at home when you finally give yourself permission to find your soul’s true path… the plan that’s made for you.

“Country Music Feels Like Home” is Adamson’s second single of 2020, with her debut track, “You Got Me” racking up over 150,000 streams in the first three months of its release. The follow up single is poised for similar success with vibrant vocals and a backbeat that is sure to make your foot tap along. Adamson is currently working on her debut country album and aims to embrace her individuality in aspiring to connect to people through her music. 

Listen to the single here

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