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Lindley Creek Unveils Full-Circle Video for “Right Back Where I Started” [Exclusive Premiere]

For rising Bluegrass/Americana band Lindley Creek, the journey has been a fun one. The family group just released their debut album in August called Freedom, Love, and The Open Road. The collection includes 11 new recordings, all produced by Grammy winning Roots musician Jim VanCleve. The result has seen the Missouri-based band quickly burst onto the national scene, charting multiple hits already on the Bluegrass and Roots charts.

One of the tracks featured on the record is the down-home anthem, “Right Back Where I Started.” Singing lead vocals on the track is member Jase Greer. It showcases a different side of the band, whose first two singles (“I Gotta Go” and “The Mockingbird’s Voice”) feature lead vocals from powerhouse singer Katie Greer. The recording showcases the band’s heartfelt family style, which is quickly making them one of the fastest rising acts in the Bluegrass genre.

Fans got their first taste of Lindley Creek this past spring when they unveiled their debut single “I Gotta Go.” With the release also came the announcement they had signed to Pinecastle Records. The song quickly struck a chord with Bluegrass enthusiasts, going on to peak at No. 2 on the radio charts. The result carved a path and introduction to listeners, with the band’s main mission to deliver “real music for real people.” And as a result, the journey began!

We caught up with the band to chat about the stunning new video, the current album, and what’s to come. Check out our interview below!

Tell us a little bit about the song and how it came about? “Right Back Where I Started” is a full circle song that is very relatable to our band.  We became a full-time touring band 11 years ago and couldn’t wait to hit the road back then.  We even sold our home and lived in our tour bus for 6 of the last 11 years.  Ironically, we purchased a home (former church building) to remodel in the neighboring county in Missouri to where we grew up.  So now we are truly right back where we started!

How has your Missouri roots inspired your sound? We come from the southwestern part of Missouri also known as the Ozark Mountains.  The cultural heritage here is rich with artists and musicians stemming from years of subsistence living due to the poor quality of tillable land. In other words, the land wasn’t  good for growing crops, so the people were poor and had to make their own entertainment for many generations.  Our great grandfather played fiddle and guitar and loved to jig dance.  He hosted many “music parties” over the years near the Branson area.  We grew up listening to country and bluegrass music and going to jam sessions where we were around other local musicians and their influence.

Can you tell our readers about the location where the video was filmed? We love producing our own videos and this one was mostly filmed in Polk County, Missouri near the real Lindley Creek.  The front porch scene is at our grandparent’s house and the cemetery is where many of our family are buried.  The Ozarks are very beautiful and they lend themselves well to video production.  We are very passionate about creating a video experience for all our singles!

You've turned a lot of heads with your first national album release Freedom, Love, and The Open Road - what has been the most exciting part so far? We are so thankful and thrilled with how well the first album has done!  Our biggest shock was the #2 debut on the national Bluegrass Today chart, followed closely with having the most played song on SirusXM’s Bluegrass Junction for the month of August!  It doesn’t seem real and we are so grateful.

Any fun stories you can share about making the album? We know it sounds weird, but until this album we didn’t know who we were as a band.  We had been doing cover tunes so long that we had kinda lost our identity.  Our producer kept sending us songs we didn’t like and he couldn’t figure out why since the songs were similar to what we were already doing live.  It was funny how much we had strayed away from who we were just to get gigs.  

What are your three favorite songs on the record (if you can decide): It’s hard to choose and we each have our own favorites, but probably “The Mockingbird’s Voice,” “I Gotta Go” and “Right Back Where I Started”...honorable mention  “Words Last Forever” and “Home to You.”

What is next for Lindley Creek? We are releasing our first Christmas single November 13th!  We love Christmas music and this song is really amazing.  It has a very nostalgic vibe and we are releasing a video for it too!


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