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Leah Marie Mason Takes Us Straight to Church in New "Holy Water" Music Video

Nashville singer-songwriter Leah Marie Mason releases music video for viral single "Holy Water." You can watch the video by clicking here.

Leah Marie Mason’s visuals for her new single “Holy Water” are understated and washed in deep darkness, a departure from her previous sweet, nostalgic depictions of the girl next door that have endeared her to hundreds of thousands of listeners. The edge Mason showcases in the black-and-white video drips in lace and distaste for a Godly man that is secretly wicked.

Directed by Preemo and produced by Content Kidz, Mason prays at a small chapel’s altar before enduring a church service led by the man she sings about. Her desperation for the churchgoers around her to see what she sees is more than evident. Amidst his drunken preaching and proselytizing, Mason warns anyone who will listen that this man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Extended shots of Mason bowing her head in prayer, standing outside the church alone, and watching her antagonist spin his tricks drive home the sincerity of the gospel-inspired ballad and the resulting choir of voices that espouse the truth of the man at the pulpit. Leah Marie Mason seamlessly weaves a modern, sultry style with an important message that translates to many real-world experiences, and sheds light on the dangers of self-proclaimed holiness.

“Bringing the lyrics and music of this story to life was a dream come true. Preemo and Content Kidz did such a good job with this storyline. They helped me capture the soul of this single and I can’t wait for you all to watch the video.”


Directed by Preemo Video production by Content Kidz Written by Leah Marie Mason, Andrew Stoelzing, Blake Hubbard, and Jarrod Ingram Single production by The720

Leah Marie Mason has become a force to be reckoned with in country music, bringing the songwriting skills and vocal performance ability needed to make it in a town like Music City. Mason has crushed her career milestones, soaring through the country-pop music rankings in just over a year and a half, a true testament to her natural drive and immense talent. She has been featured as the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Country for her smash crossover single "Habit," and is a featured performer around many of Nashville's storied stages, such as The Listening Room’s Song Suffragettes and the infamous Whiskey Jam. Leah has been featured on major media outlets such as Taste of Country, The Boot, and CMT.

Mason's standout successes have shown her ability to flourish rapidly in the music industry, making her an obvious pick to sign with major players, and in 2022, she did. Leah Marie, alongside independent Nashville label The 13th, announced a global distribution deal with The Orchard, as well as a global publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music and Numbers Don’t Lie in July of 2022. Recently, Leah teamed up with the highly established boot brand Tecovas to promote her single “Trust Fund Cowboy,” which went viral on TikTok with 1.2M views.

To keep up with Leah Marie Mason, follow her on all social media platforms or at her website,


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