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Lance Curtis releases new American anthem "Land of the Free"

August 13, 2021 (Nashville, TN) - Country singer/songwriter Lance Curtis releases new single "Land of the Free" today on all digital and streaming outlets.

You can listen to "Land of the Free" by clicking here. Lance Curtis makes his return to the spotlight with his roaring new single “Land of the Free.” “Land of the Free” shows Curtis’ talent in a new light, as the track showcases his ability to write and record country rock with just as much authority and conviction as he has when singing country. Lance has never been afraid to use parallels about relationships to sculpt his art and “Land of the Free” is no exception, being a tune that expresses an equal infatuation both towards his partner and the home of the brave. Ignoring Curtis’ ability to pick a band would also serve injustice. The hard-hitting drummer (Lonnie Wilson) and locked-in bassist keep the beat alive and in your face as the guitarist rips a solo that creates nothing short of a complete powerhouse moment. It is clear that all the musicians are well-informed A-List players with style to the point of second nature. Lance's patriotic and clever lyricism make this song what it is, a feel-good country jam with a lot of heart behind it. Lance's artistry embodies this, as he finds his inspiration and self-fulfilling prophecy through classic country artists and small-town America.

"Land of the Free" Produced by Kent Wells at Dark Horse Studios Mastering: Kevin Willis and Kyle Dickerson Songwriters: Lance Curtis, Taylor Marie Wagner, and Chris Powers

Although you may not have heard his name, yet Lance Curtis at the tender age of one, stepped into the spotlight playing music with his Papa Gage and Uncle Shannon, and in that moment he knew that the stage is where he belonged. Lance greatly admired and respected his Papa, who helped him develop his craft and his passion for music. It was obvious to his family from an early age that Lance had inherited his Papa’s “ear” for music, and at the young age of only 9 years old, he became proficient in playing the guitar and piano. Lance has a true country soul and expresses that plainly in the songs he writes and the way he performs. Because he was raised on classic country music, Lance wants to hold true to his roots and mix a traditional sound with today’s country radio sound, much like Cody Johnson, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, William Michael Morgan, Jon Pardi, and Luke Combs. Lance is often told by Nashville music industry experts that he is the perfect blend of classic and modern country music.

Lance took his music career to the next level when he received a phone call from Dolly Parton’s producer Kent Wells, stating he wanted to schedule a meeting with him. They met that very day and in February of 2020 Lance, at the age of 19 years old, signed a recording contract with Kent Wells Productions and got to work on a new album that he worked on at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, TN with the Kent Wells Production team.

Lance has been on tour with the largest Taco festival group in the U.S. and recently opened for FOZZY at the TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, FL. In 2020, Lance opened for big artists like Gene Watson, Barrett Baber, and Craig Campbell.

Since 2020 shut down most of the music industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lance was able to truly focus on his writing and recording. In January of 2021, he released his first single from the album that he recorded with Kent Wells Productions called "Small Town America," which was co-written by hit writer Pete Sallis, who wrote "Shut Up and Fish” by Maddie and Tae.

You can connect with Lance by following him on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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