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LA Alternative-Pop band, Saticöy, Overcome Tragedy with New Single "Nice to Know"

Los Angeles alternative-pop band, Saticöy, triumph over tragedy on their new single, “Nice to Know.” The group, comprised of Derek Long (Vocals/Guitar), Jaron Takach (Drums/Production), and Jonathan Averbook (Bass), are known for their unique perspective on alternative pop music. Their mutual desire to create a visionary expression of truth is immediately apparent in each of their tracks, including their 2018 debut single, “Faded From Color,” which earned them much critical acclaim. Since it’s release, they’ve been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award and featured as an Artist in Residence at Steereo, and have won two LA Music Video Awards for single "Last Call" including "Best Dance Video" and "Best Feel Good Video." Their sound is a fluid mix of pop influences layered with synths and vocals that transport listeners to another place and encourages an exploration of creativity.

On their newest single, “Nice to Know,” the group examines the heartbreaking impact of loss and the fear of missing out on experiences with a loved one. Inspired by Long’s father, who passed away in 2011, the track is a fresh take on nostalgia and the strength it takes to overcome grief. Of the inspiration, the band says, “strength always comes from triumph over tragedy, and while ‘Nice to Know’ expresses a yearning to return to happier times, it also shows a fortified determination to carry on a legacy.”  The sleek production mixes ambient electro sounds with a modern pop flair, creating a layered and impactful sonic landscape.  Saticöy finds a balance of truth and melody on their inspirational new single, “Nice to Know.”  

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