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Kristen Kae Throws Some Serious Shade with Music Video 'She's Not Me'

Had Enough Valentine's Ballads? Kristen Kae's Got You Covered

February 16, 2021 (Nashville, TN) Nashville singer-songwriter Kristen Kae has released the video for "She's Not Me," the Highway Women member's latest single ( The music video premiered today in Cowgirl Magazine. The corresponding single debuted on Apple Hot Tracks last month. The rocking country-pop track is available on all digital and download streaming platforms now.

The “She’s Not Me” video is for everyone who wasn’t able to relate to the traditionally romantic Valentine’s Day love songs. In particular, any girl who’s ever seen her ex get with someone who seems like nothing more than a knock-off version of herself will surely love this song and how it’s brought to life here.

The video begins with a scene in which Kae’s ex is strolling through a park holding hands with a smiling redhead whose style is not unlike the songstress’ own. As the catchy guitar-driven intro fades, we find Kae standing in an old rail yard accompanied by a posse of two fierce, leather-jacket donning ladies. Her performance here serves as the narration for the date in the park.

We see several shots of Kae’s former lover looking embarrassed to be seen with his new girl. However, the outing only truly begins to go astray when the wannabe Kae catches him scrolling through his ex’s Instagram feed. In a moment of delicious irony, the two begin to squabble just as Kae sings the lyrics “ain’t it funny how she looks at you, with a sweet smile like I used to.”

The video concludes with Kae witnessing this fight from afar whilst she waits for her new lover to give her a ride. As if to give a message of hope to the brokenhearted, Kae’s new beau arrives ready with flowers and a hug. It’s clear that although she had to go through heartbreak to get to this point, Kae is better off now than she was with her ex.

Fans can expect more from Kae soon. She will be releasing a new song with the Highway Women early next month!


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