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Krantz Attends His Own Funeral in Music Video for "Louisiana"

We recently shared Krantz's new single "Louisiana" and the intensely relatable story the artist tells. Today, the accompanying music video for the track dropped and it's the antidote for an uninspired Friday.

Set against a backdrop of intense colors and flashbacks to happier times, Krantz relives the love that broke him as he grapples with the fallout. Accompanied by masked partygoers, he tries to find his way amongst the celebration that never quite includes him. The catchy chorus nestled amongst Krantz's compelling energy makes for a video that never stops moving forward, despite knowing it won't end happily.

Finding himself alone on an empty road, "Louisiana" takes a turn. Krantz walks alone as he replays all the memories he can't erase: tender kisses, playful moments, and the inevitable fallout that follows a fated love affair. As he walks alone against a stunning backdrop, the world of "Louisiana" is on full display. This single is not about what has been lost, but what has been discovered after being left alone. When Krantz recalls why this woman has left him so suddenly, he also sees the way the state has changed his course forever. Not only does he vow to never return- he also processes how his surroundings and the culture he's immersed in have left him feeling lost and insecure. While some might find being "knee-deep in the swamp" as a spiritual experience, Krantz feels suffocated.

With nowhere left to go and abandoned by the only person he knew in Louisiana, the masquerade party returns to Krantz's side. The occasion now, though, is a funeral. As he is caught up in their processional, the singer can do nothing but accept the truth- the man he was is dead and gone.

In a stunningly beautiful shot, Krantz is carried by the funeral party. Surrounded by deep purple flowers and black mourning attire, the starkly serene surroundings are amplified. Flashing back and forth between the raucous party and the somber occasion, it becomes difficult to find a time when anyone even notices the man struggling to cope with his loss.

Though "Louisiana" seems to be a breakup song at first glance, the lyrics and symbolism reflect the message in the video perfectly. Love was not the only thing that was lost- the singer was lost along the way, too. As Krantz is taken to his final resting place, the viewer can't help but feel the deep emotion that is involved in this project. As 2021 comes to a close, we can't wait to see how Krantz evolves from here. With a high caliber talent like himself, it's easy to assume the follow-up to "Louisiana" will be just as artistic and insightful- but hopefully with a happier ending to the story.

Listen to "Louisiana" and add it to your daily listening rotation here.

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