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Kopper and Kash emphasize the true meaning of love with “True Believer”

Kopper and Kash have emerged from the desolate pandemic, and they use the concept of loss and tragedy to connect with their audience. Consisting of Jeff Pennycoff and his two daughters, Mia and Ava, the group seeks to help heal their own turmoil and provide their listeners with a sense of healing and comfort. Jeff’s nearly 2- decade track record within the music industry, combined with the fresh new eyes of his daughters, come together to create a comforting musical spectacle.

Kopper and Kash’s discography consists of songs that tell the story of Mia and Ava’s journeys through life and also portray human experiences that everyone can relate to. After a tragic accident that took the life of a family member, Kopper and Kash were formed to let out emotions and reflect upon their lives through music. Whether through love or loss, Kopper and Kash seek to use emotion to connect with their listeners.

“True Believer” is a song that emphasizes the importance of remaining true to oneself, with the power of love and understanding. Over the course of the song, the lyrics heavily emphasize the power of communication, as well as the effect that it can have when used in a meaningful way. Combined with soft vocals and a peaceful instrumental, the song conveys the feeling of love masterfully, and gives the audience a glimpse into the group’s familial lifestyle.

Listeners can keep up with Kopper and Kash’s newest endeavors through their website, as well as on their Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Tiktok, and Instagram pages.


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