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Kayleigh Mathews Releases Debut Country Influenced EP, DESERT CHILD

Singer, songwriter, and Nashville recording artist Kayleigh Mathews comes together for the release of her country EP "Desert Child." She was exposed to bluegrass, gospel, and traditional country at an early age, which shaped her love of music. She began honing her songwriting skills while growing up in the southwest, inspired by her hometown and life experiences. Download & Stream

The EP features tracks including "Home to Me," "Turquoise Mountain Home," "It Burns (Like I Never Drank Before)," "Southwest Honky Tonk Night," and her title track "Desert Child." "Every song I release is true and from my life in some way. I may not come out and say exactly what happened word for word, I want to leave some interpretation up to the listener. Songwriting is a way of healing, encouraging, and saving memory for me. My hope is for my music to not only do that for myself but others after all that's what makes music so powerful."

You can learn more about Kayleigh Mathews by visiting


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