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The Queen of pop cover songs, Karine Hannah, releases a new EP "21st Century Pop," allowing the audience to experience once again that first-listen feeling of many loved songs. 21st Century Pop EP was released today on all streaming & download platforms. You can click here to listen.

1. "Midnight Sky" - A piano that sets a somber, yet strong tone accompanies a voice for the ages in the new track “Midnight Sky” by Karine. True to her 80’s and 90’s influences such as Celine Dion, Karine is a timeless pop/rock vocalist. She captivates listeners through the story of “Midnight Sky”, a place between being empowered on your own and just needing “to be loved by you”.

2. "Levitating"/"Love Come Down" - Hannah switches up from her usual ballad style with the fourth cover track, “Levitating/Love Come Down.” You may have thought to yourself, “I never thought these songs could go together.” Surprise, surprise, Hannah makes the unthinkable work once again. 3. "Locked Out of Heaven" - A cover of “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars, seriously throws you for a loop, in the best way. Hannah transforms the formerly upbeat song into a melodic piano track. With harmonies that are out of this world, you will truly feel like this cover is sending you into orbit. 4. "Is It Any Wonder?" - This amazing song brings to the audience peaceful, dreamy, and emotional feelings, as Karine allows her voice to flow and rise in the perfect moments. Moreover, the background vocals add more depth to the track, which helps the artist convey emotion to the audience. This is the perfect tune to connect to the audience, as it is extremely heartfelt and will give listeners goosebumps. 5. "Won't Go Home Without You" - During this particular track, the audience is able to experience the softness of Karine's vocals as she sings about love and second chances. This tune truly conveys a hopeful feeling to the audience, with its soft instrumentation and background vocals. Additionally, the soft violin-like melody makes this song extra special.

6. "Good 4 U" - This track brings an incredible new take on Olivia Rodrigo’s song to the audience. Changing the tune to a slower melody, Karine gives the audience a more peaceful track. Moreover, the artist fills the song with emotion, helping her touch the audience with her unique voice. In addition, Karine is able to add unique energy through her voice dynamics and, the calmer instrumentation allows her voice to shine and take the main stage. Furthermore, the tone of her voice and the instruments make the song more melancholic, which complements the song’s message. 7. "Since You've Been Gone" - The cover of this amazing song by Kelly Clarkson is everything and more. The high notes that Hannah hits during the chorus of the song are nothing short of impressive. Her vocals never fail to astonish and amaze, no matter how many times you hear them.

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