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Kaptain Jack and Jersey Shore Country are honored to present Mac Powell and the Family Reunion

NASHVILLE, TN (October 30th, 2019)  Kaptain Jack and Jersey Shore Country are honored to present Mac Powell and the Family Reunion Thursday, November 14, 2019 (Doors at 7pm) on their NJ debut. Join us at the House of Independents (Asbury Park, New Jersey) for an amazing experience that will make you a fan all over again. Kaptain Jack is once more bringing Nashville to New Jersey. Come out with the Jersey Shore Country Family and enjoy the music of Music City USA!

Mac Powell, former front man of Third Day has started a new chapter in his career. Mac says. "As many of you know, I have started the next chapter of my music journey with the creation of a new band called Mac Powell and the Family Reunion. If you like music that is a little bit Rock....a little bit Country....a little bit Gospel...and a Whole Lotta Love....then I believe that you are going to dig our new music!

House of Independents 572 Cook Avenue Asbury Park, NJ  07712

BIOGRAPHY - Kaptain Jack: "Kaptain Jack" Aponte,  On-Air Personality, President/COO of Renegade Radio Nashville, & Jersey Shore Country, Toms River, New Jersey has been involved in all aspects of radio for over 45 years. His beginnings in the New York metro area helped shape his major market mentality all while keeping his down home values front and center. Jack's long-time love of Country Music is what drove him to make Music City his home nearly a decade ago. In 2011 he launched Renegade Radio Nashville, and within 6 months Renegade Radio Nashville became the first and only Internet radio station in music history to be given legitimate "reporting"  status.  He continues to be a favorite of listeners, industry professionals and the artists. and has had the privilege of working with  the best country music artists from legends to up and comers.  Jack's unique programming style, experience and reputation is unparalleled and has caught the attention of all industry insiders. His extensive background and talent gives him the ability to create promotional ideas  and apply them resulting in a new and exciting radio experience for his station's listeners. This veteran's passion has always revolved around the Nashville scene and country music. Jack believes strongly in exposing new country songs and breaking new country artists to his audiences. As a contemporary country music programmer, Jack always goes the extra mile to find a sound unique to his format. In 2018, Kaptain Jack expanded his country radio empire to his home state of New Jersey at the "Jersey Shore".  Splitting his time between his beloved Nashville and New Jersey, Kaptain Jack is on a mission to bring Nashville country music to the jersey shore. 

 BIOGRAPHY - Mac Powell and The Family Reunion: Mac Powell grew up in a small town in Alabama. His love for music began at an early age as both of his parents would sing and play guitar around the house. Mac soon began to sing in the local country church by day, and listen to his Dad's record collection by night. When Mac was a sophomore in high school, he moved to Atlanta, GA where his passion for music and faith found an outlet in the band THIRD DAY. Over the past 25 years THIRD DAY has helped transform Christian music and built a devoted fan base while traveling the world many times over, selling 10 million albums, earning 4 Grammy awards, 1 American Music Award, 24 Dove Awards, and by being inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. Along the way, Mac has been honored to perform in front of millions of fans around the world and play music with some of the best musicians in the industry. Many of these acquaintances both onstage and in the crowd have turned from friends into true family members, and now it’s time for a good old fashioned Family Reunion! MAC POWELL and the FAMILY REUNION officially started in early 2018 as the next chapter of Mac's musical journey. The Family Reunion is a band that has developed over the past several years from the musical “brothers" that have been recording and playing live with Mac in support of his first 2 independent solo projects. The Southern roots - American rock collections are foot-stompin', hand clappin' tunes clearly pay tribute to the early musical inspirations from his childhood. The live show is a blend of classic and sing along Gospel, Country, and American Rock songs, combined with some Mac's favorite THIRD DAY numbers that he has written, and his latest original tunes.


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