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Kaley Pearson Releases New Single "California"

Kaley Pearson Captures Pure Nostalgia with Release of New Single, “California”  “California” is the latest single from female country artist Kaley Pearson. Starting off with a solo drum beat and nostalgic feeling rhythm guitar, it’s hard to not get immediately hooked. When her sultry Bonnie Raitt inspired vocals join the mix, it takes this tune to a whole other level.

The entire aesthetic of this song is driving down the Pacific Coast Highway during a golden hour sunset with the air of love surrounding you. It holds a sense of hope and openness, while also portraying the emotion of pure happiness. Pearson does a fantastic job of portraying that love can change your perception on the world. It can give you a feeling that can never be matched or replaced. “California” is her way of giving the world a glimpse of the euphoria and freedom that comes with real love.

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