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JT Cooper's Warrior Rounds celebrates First Year bringing Songwriters and Soldiers Together

Founded by Veteran J.T. Cooper (Nashville, TN) in 2019, Warrior Rounds pairs US Military Veterans (Warriors) with professional hit songwriters allowing Warriors to tell their War Stories in a song. It starts with the Nashville songwriting tradition of sharing music “In the Round”, where every night in ‘Music City’  songwriters take turns playing their songs and telling the stories behind them. Warrior Rounds celebrates this songwriter tradition and brings it to a mission of greater purpose and a higher calling. In a retreat setting, songwriters help them find the words to tell their War Stories in a song.  The process helps the Veterans open up and allows them to see there are people willing and eager to hear their stories. Songwriters are able to use their talent and craft to serve and honor those who bravely and selflessly served us. Founder, J.T. Cooper says "How many of you know who Amy Winehouse is? How many of you know who Robin Williams is? Most will raise their hands. If you ask most people if they know one person who sacrificed their freedom for our country, they won't have an answer." 

The retreat setting and song writing process provides an opportunity for healing for Veterans struggling with PTSD and other issues as a result of their service. The mission of Warrior Rounds is to inspire Warriors to talk to someone, to encourage them that they are not alone, and to educate civilians about the struggles that Warriors face day to day. 

Warrior Rounds also hopes to shine a light on the songwriters, to help the storytellers shine brightly through their craft. The Warriors are allowed to tell their story in their own words.  The songwriter then brings the music and helps craft lyrics in a way that results in a beautiful tribute to the Warrior and their personal journey comes to life. Each song is performed in a round setting for the public and captured on video.  The ultimate goal is to bring their work to a television series to create a larger audience for the public to learn about the Warriors journey. The music and lyrics bring everyone together. They give insight into better understanding the not-so-visible battle scars these brave Warriors quietly carry inside.

Founder and main sponsor JT Cooper shares his own struggles with PTSD which have been healed and soothed through music. “I have learned myself how powerful sharing through music can help not only me but others. There are magical moments in the room, when you touch truth.” -JT Cooper

JT Cooper was an Infantry Warrior with the 10th Mountain division at Ft. Drum, NY. In Somalia, he was part of the QRF that was sent in to rescue the Rangers during the infamous “Black Hawk Down”.  J.T. Cooper received a Purple Heart, The Combat infantryman’s Badge and a Valorous Unit Award. JT also was deployed to Haiti to help reinstate their President that was overthrown in a COUP.  After 20 years in Nashville, JT Cooper has released 3 Albums, and written and recorded hundreds of songs. JT says that his personal journey was the foundation to lead him into developing and founding Warrior Rounds. He has been focused on telling real stories instead of writing hits for a long time. JT considers life and music differently than most people in Music City.  “I have always wanted to serve through my music. I do way more charity events than paid live shows where people only play for the party, “hoping Bottles of beer came here to hear me sing.”- JT Cooper

The goal of Warrior Rounds is to hold these retreats regionally at existing Veteran and non-profit programs.  As the show is developed for Television, they want to feature those regional charities in a segment showing how they provide services to Veterans that may not be available on a national level. 

Warrior Rounds is growing! Their goal is to hold one retreat every month. Warrior Rounds is on schedule to have at least five songwriting retreats in 2020!

Veterans wishing to participate in Warrior Rounds can sign up on the Warrior Rounds Website. Lodging and Food expense is provided for  the Warriors and the organization is currently seeking funding and raising money to cover all expenses for the Veterans. 

Songwriter Battle Buddies are being invited to write with the Warriors.  From JT’s years of being in Nashville, he knows their talent and their heart.  Some of the esteemed song writers who have participated are Dan Demay, whose hits include, Daryl Worley, “If Something Should Happen”, “Doing What's Right”, and "Messed Up In Memphis”. He also wrote “Everybody Does” by Martina McBride, “Crazy Everytime” by Tracy Byrd, “You Can't Hide Redneck” by Tracy Lawrence,  Bernie Nelson (# 1 hit, 'Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind' with Confederate Railroad. Most recently he's enjoyed success with cuts on Mark Wills' 'Looking For America; Montgomery Gentry's 'Damn Baby' and Tracy Lawrence's 'The Ride' and 'Heaven For A While.'), Leslie Satcher (wrote Songs for  Patty Loveless, Vince Gill and Reba McEntire, and  Martina McBride's hit "When God Fearin' Women get the Blues).     

JT says,  “The most rewarding aspect of Warrior Rounds are the calls that come from those he has written songs for that say, “JT our song you helped write, helped me get out of Bed again today and try again. That is a hit song.”

Warrior Rounds a 501c3 also has a development company Warrior Management that will produce, record and distribute the songs as finances allow.  The Goal ultimately is to grow so that as the songs are published and purchased the live show tickets and royalties will pay for the retreats. Warrior Rounds’ goal is for every penny of the songs to go to the Warrior and songwriters. Everyone can support Warrior Rounds by giving donations on the website and by purchasing merchandise through the store.

To Date, Warrior Rounds has been fully self funded by J.T. Cooper.  They are now starting to look for legacy partners for cause marketing with the right heart to partner with them on this mission of hope, help and healing.

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