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Johnny Gillespie Discusses New Single "Candy" and More in Interview

Thank you for talking with us Johnny! What is it that you love about making music? What I love about making music is that no matter how you feel inside you always create something relatable. In my opinion music is something that helps me express how I feel inside, in essence It’s something that I can bring to the table that can unite people together and when that happens I have more people to relate to about how I feel and view things.

We have to ask about your writing process and how your current single, “Candy,” came about. I normally start my process of finding sounds that resonate with me by how I'm feeling at the time. When I get the song put together I ask the music to tell me what it needs and if I feel it needs someone else to take it to another level. I then out source it to people I feel that will add value to the track. It's never random, it’s more of an intuitive thought/ feeling. In Candy's case the song came together so quickly I remember being stumped on finding the right hook for the song and I called my friend Seejai and sent him the track and within minutes of listening to the track over the phone he thought of the hook instantly. “I don't Know about yours but I know about mine!”

Did this song come from a real life experience? It came from the thought of embracing your partner in life and realizing that they are the sweetest thing in your life. We like to call them Candy :)

You've worked with big name producers fairly early on in your career—talk about what their influence and guidance have meant to you/done for you. Early on I had no idea what I was doing with sounds and creation and when I met my producers/mentors they really taught me to hone in on my sound and find my own lane instead of copying others.

Who are you dying to work with? I’m always interested in working with the next person that believes in what I do and shares the vision of dreaming big. I haven't really thought about who I'd love to work with. However if I had to pin 2 individuals down I would love to work with Yelawolf and Jelly Roll currently.

What other hobbies do you enjoy when you need to unwind? I love reading. I love getting lost in a good ole book.

What are you listening to these days? I listen to a lot of audio books during the day. I know it’s weird but that's my jam.

You have an impressive fan following online. What is it that keeps your fans engaged the most? I post stuff that is personal to me and music related. I keep doing those two things and the results have been rewarding. I feel being you is the best thing you can do.

Finally, What advice would you give to the future musicians to not give up and keep performing? I could tell you that persistence each day, Being you, Writing your goals and aims down, and waking up with the feeling of “today is going to be the best day of my life no matter what.” Has opened many doors for me. I was always told comfort zone equals wealth zone and to me that means to learn to embrace being uncomfortable because that when you grow. Don't be afraid of rejection. Get up and try again. Your mistakes are only Mis-takes so be the director that you are and shoot for the stars again.

Johnny Gillespie is a California native whose music seamlessly blends the lines between alternative pop, country, and rock. He draws inspiration from all genres and from influences such as Sublime’s Bradley Nowell and Marshal Mathers. Gillespie strives to maintain a sense of uniqueness in everything he creates. “I don’t want to sound like anyone other than me,” says Gillespie. Throughout the span of his career, Gillespie has worked with Ronnie King (Gillespie's mentor) a record producer known for his work with legends like Tupac and Mariah Carey. Gillespie has also worked with Casey Sullivan (from Seedless) and collaborated with producer Bradley Denniston (G-Eazy, Gotye). After rediscovering himself and his mission in music when he became sober, Gillespie decided to make art that reflected the inspiration he needed in his darkest days. The singer dealt with health issues as a child and found music as a way of connecting with people. His music maintains a sense of uplifting motivation through lyrics and sound. “If life ain’t fair get a new perspective,” sings Gillespie in his single “Day by Day.” 


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