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John King Celebrated His New Release "Trying Saying Goodbye"at CMA Fest 2019

Hard work sometimes goes unnoticed, a big understatement for rising country artist, John King. With the release of his new single, "Try Saying Goodbye," King's career has been on an upward climb with a great showing on his singles streams, including debuting on the Grand Ole Opry.

In Music Update Central's CMA Fest 2019 interview, King chats about the major success behind his recent single release, upcoming plans, and the importance of CMA Fest.

About John King:

He is currently scheduled for a 2019 tour and just released “Try Saying Goodbye”, the debut single from a new project. It was named one of Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Country Songs, earning features from Billboard, Amazon, CMT, Whiskey Riff, Taste of Country and more. It was also featured on Apple Music’s “Best of the Week”, “Breaking Country” and “Broken Down” Playlists. Spotify also is currently featuring the song on their 6 million listener playlist "Hot Country", gaining King over 500k listeners in the last month. It is also featured on “New Boots”, “Wild Country” and “New from Nashville” Playlists. You can check out the song here:

Connect with John King by visiting and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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