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Jenna DeVries and Adam Mac release intoxicating queer country version of "Unholy"

(Nashville, TN): Jenna DeVries and Adam Mac partner to add a sexy western spin to the hit pop song sweeping the nation. Originally sung by Sam Smith and Kim Petras, “Unholy” blew up on TikTok, garnering over 2.5 million videos using the song. The original song consists of electronic beats and standard pop vocals to create a catchy tune. Jenna DeVries and Adam Mac turn it on its head with an edgy alternative country sound to bring their queer, larger-than-life personalities to the forefront.

A beautiful intro on the piano starts the song off in a sultry way, but it quickly adds dimension through layered tracks. The vocals have an increased rasp compared to the original, but it adds the perfect amount of spice to the tone of the song. The slower tempo comes off as more secretive and seductive, as the flawless harmonies between Adam and Jenna in the chorus are almost taunting. DeVries takes on the role of the husband’s lover, singing with a sweet and sultry tone. Her rich tone in the chorus lulls the listener deeper into the dark web being spun. The addition of Adam Mac's incredible vocals and ambiance make the pair an unstoppable force.


Produced by Jen Miller and Peter Eddins

Performed by Jenna DeVries and Adam Mac

A Nashville-based singer-songwriter, DeVries’ voice has been described as soulful and affecting and has already made a powerful connection with millions. Jenna DeVries' ability to tell stories through music began as a child and has carried her around the world. At the age of 15, she began writing and performing her original music. She is among the elite handful of artists to make it to American Idol's Top 24 on the farewell season. On America's Got Talent, she earned three separate standing ovations from both the judges and the audience. Jenna has been featured in several highly esteemed outlets, such as People Magazine, Yahoo!, CMT, and more. Her last two music videos, for "Drunk Girls" feat. Harper Grae, and solo release "December" were featured on the CMT Music Television channel.

DeVries was also named as one of NSAI's "Songwriters to Watch."

You can listen to more of Jenna DeVries on all digital streaming platforms, and follow her on Instagram, TikTok, or at her website,


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