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Jamie O'Neal Opens Up About New Album "Sometimes"

Music Update Central was honored to interview Jamie O'Neal on her upcoming album "Sometimes"(Interview by Aria Mae) . The album will be available October 16th on all platforms and listeners can pre-save and pre-order the album through this link.

Music Update Central: First off, I wanted to congratulate you on the anniversary of your debut album "Shiver"! It is such a big milestone and something I am sure you are proud of!

Jamie O'Neal: Thank You! I am really proud of it and so happy to have seen it age so well!

MUC: Absolutely! Jumping right in I first wanted to ask how the journey of creating this album started and what your favorite part of the creative process was?

JO: I've been making this album for the last year and a half. My favorite part in the whole process was hearing the duets with the outside artists come together. They all have such distinct voices and I have so much respect for all of them.

MUC: I was so impressed by the lineup of collaborators on this album! How did these duets come together?

JO: Well I sang with Lauren Alaina at the American Country Music Awards and knew I wanted to have her on the album with me. I've toured with Reba McEntire and Martina McBride and knew their voices are so unique as well. I wanted people on this record I knew could add their own piece to.

MUC: Do you have a favorite song on the album and if so, why is it your favorite?

JO: "Someone's Sometimes" with John Paul White is probably my favorite on the record. You instantly know who is singing when you hear his voice and that's so special. How the song came together was just really special.

MUC: What would you want listeners to take away from this album after listening?