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Interview with Zach and Rodney discussing new single"Selma Swamp"

Music Update Central: Did the grave you were visiting at the end of the video have any special meaning?

Zach and Rodney: YES! When Brian Morgan our co-writer for Selma Swamp first approached us with the idea he actually had drew a picture of a tombstone with the words “HATE  RIP”. It’s metaphorical to burying the hate deep in the Swamp to never return. It’s also about showing respect to those that endured that Bloody Sunday in Selma.   MUC: Was this single and video inspired solely by the events that took place in Selma or do you also have family/home ties to that area?

Z&R: It is inspired by real events. Brian is actually from Alabama. He grew up there, worked in Selma, Tuskegee, Montgomery and did a lot of hunting down in the swamp.  The reference about the moonlight cutting through the moss in the trees is real. He really lived it and we wanted to make sure this was captured in the song, video and film.   MUC: What is your hope when it comes to the message that this video will spread regarding not only equality but also your Christian faith?

Z&R: The hope is that everyone who sees this video will consider the love and forgiveness example given by the cross of Jesus Christ.  We were all created in God’s image, He values the entire human race equally.  We are spreading the message of loving our neighbors as ourselves.   MUC: Can we expect more like this? Any hints on upcoming projects.  

Z&R: The wheels are turning.  Who knows maybe you’ll hear Zach and Rodney on a hip hop song.  Canton rapping on a tune with Z&R?  No matter what, we could only hope that we would be able to play a small part in what God is doing to heal our nation.  #Revival 

For more information on Zach and Rodney visit their website here.

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