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Interview With Nashville's Hottest New DJ, Feelz

Hi Feelz! Thank you so much for chatting with Music Update Central! Your song "The One" released July 16th. What is the meaning behind this song!? How was the process of making this single similar to the process of making past projects? When you first listen to this song it talks about how you or I could be the one. Throughout the song, you makes you think about how the person you have been wanting could actually be the one for you. This track was made about 2 years ago and around 4 months ago I finally found DeVries. Her voice was perfect for this track and when she first sang the demo, I knew it was the right fit!

How would you describe your music? I would describe my music as fun, energetic and relatable pop dance music! There is no better feeling when I am performing and seeing everything in the crowd up, dancing, having a great time!

What is the story behind your stance name? When I began my DJ journey I went by DJ John Lawson, which is my name. I felt like my journey as a DJ needed to stop and it was time I became an artist. I wanted to be able to share my love and passion with others in a way that would truly impact someone when they heard my songs. I went with the name Feelz because that's what music does to me, gets us in 'our feels.' I decided not to go with the tradition Feels but instead to use a Z at the end to alway remember two brothers I lost in the militaryL one while at war and one after war to suicide. They both had Z names so I wanted to honor them in my own way and to give myself a reminder to where I came from and what I had to go through to get to where I am . Becoming Feelz felt like a whole new beginning for me!

Where are you from? Does where you are from have any influence on your music? I am from Morristown, TN. I would say my music taste is mostly from college and my time in the military. I was able to hear many different types of music and had the opportunity to attend huge EDM shows where I got tons of inspiration! Being open to hearing all different types of new music / constantly listening to music really opened my eyes to new music and new things!

What is something about you that most people would be supriced to learn? I served as a Combat Medic (Corpsman) in a Scout Sniper Plt.

What do you wnat to accomplish with your music? I would love poeple to just listen to my music while having it change their mood or having it get stuck in their heads! I want people to overall enjoy my music and have a good time whenever it comes on. I don't have to be rich or famous, I just want my music to be heard and liked by as many people possible!

Tell us more about your sales of production! I will be listening to something then an idea will just pop into my head! I try my best to knock the basic ideas out as quickly as I can then shoot the idea over to my friends to get feedback. I like to get a basic rough draft and build off of that! Once the demo is sent to a singer or writer, I will get the vocals back and dive in, making the last small adjustments before sending it out!

In your opinion, what are the best and worst parts of the music industry? The best part would definitely be meeting all the great fans! Being able to rock a venue, seeing everyone up singing and dancing is one of the best feelings ever! Seeing the smiles I put on peoples' faces pushes me to continue to work harder and keep releasing music. The worst thing I think has to be the fakeness. I have seen so many people just faking life and the grind. What's worse is when the fakeness gets those people booked over the artists who are actually staying true to who they are and actually working hard. It's something I hope people start to seeing and realizing who is really working hard!

Describe yourself in 3 words! Strong, Bold & Chill

Anything else you want everyone to know about you? I love listening / making music and even if I change one person's life through my music that mean the world to me! I am very approachable and just want to be better everyday!

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