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Interview with Chevel Shepherd on Her Visceral New Single "The Letter"

Music Update Central: What inspired you to choose this song?

Chevel Shepherd: I chose this song because I love to tell stories. I love to make people feel emotion and I think this song does that. The story of “The Letter” is beautiful and heartfelt. Right now, I think this song is what the world needs; it gives so much hope.

MUC: When was a time you had to keep looking up?

CS: I had to keep looking up during my school years. I got bullied a lot growing up. People

aren’t always the nicest. When people would put me down or make mean remarks, I

would hold my head high and push through. I surrounded myself with people who cared

about and loved me to make it easier to keep looking up. It’s so much better to build each

other up rather than tear one another down.

MUC: How is this song different from the others that you’ve recorded?

CS: This song is a lot softer than the others on my upcoming EP. When thinking about how I

wanted the music to sound, I thought of having just my vocals, piano and fiddle. But

when I got in the studio and talked it over with my band, we decided that the song should

start soft and the music should build. The build in the music helps make the song and the

story more powerful. To me, it might be the most touching song on the EP.

MUC: What inspired the setting of the music video?

CS: The director David Dibble and I wanted to create the most realistic setting so that the

lyrics and story would be the focus. We used homes and locations familiar to me and

even used family friends within the video.

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Watch "The Letter" music video here.


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