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Interview with Cassandra Kubinski on her new single "Stardust"

Music Update Central: What was your inspiration for this single?

Cassandra Kubinski: Stardust was born in Maui, Hawaii. I was in an outdoor hot tub, relaxing after a long day of hiking and beach, and my husband looked up at the stars and commented “Isn’t it amazing that that’s all we are?” I didn’t quite understand at first, but then I got that he was saying, we are the remnants of past stars, we are comprised of the same material that makes them up. So that became the hook for “We Are Stardust”. The idea resonated deeply with me, as it made me ask – if we exist thanks to an incredibly unlikely cosmic event that created the conditions necessary for this life to evolve, anything is possible…at least, far more than we usually give credit for. And we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.

MUC: What is your favorite lyric from this song and why?

CK: I like the bridge- “Our love’s a supernova, our love’s regenerating, our love’s a force of healing, our love is all creating.” When I sing it, it reminds me how true it is. It can be a challenge to live life from a space of love instead of fear, but when we do, we can heal (ourselves, our families,traumas, failures), and we can create. Love may be the centerpoint of a million clichés, but it is so for the reason that it truly is the most potent and healing force we have access to.

MUC: How did you come up with the concept for this song?

CK: I knew I wanted it to have an epic, singalong feel, especially in the choruses. I wrote the words and melody in my journal and in my head on the plane ride back to NYC from Hawaii. I don’t much remember writing it (as often happens with my songs, I go into kinda a trance state when writing). Then I worked with producer Chris Sclafani and co-producer Tony Daniels to create the overall sound, instruments, and vocals.

MUC: What was the inspiration for the cover art?

CK: I had a photo I really liked, but didn’t want to use just a photo. I worked with a great graphic designer, Ulrike Kerber of Viva Design, and told her I wanted something that felt cosmic, spiritual, expansive, creative, and that had movement to it. She came up with the super cool design incorporating galaxies, “paint splash” looks, and the purple theme.

MUC: Do you have any more singles coming soon to be on the lookout for?

CK: Absolutely- a remix of Stardust drops August 21, in collaboration with renowned yoga DJ Taz Rashid (Wanderlust, Bhakti Fest, Kripalu, Yoga Journal etc). He is very well known in the yoga world for providing beats and sonic background for festivals, classes etc, and he remixed Stardust into a super cool chill house version. So be sure to follow me on Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Alexa, Pandora etc- wherever you get your music- to hear both Stardust original and remix versions!

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