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Interview with Brady Lee on New Pop-Country Single "I Can Do This All Day"

Music Update Central: Your single dropped this past Friday Brady. How did you feel to have a debut single Hot Tracks and other playlists?

Brady Lee:That was a crazy feeling. Honestly, I just felt thankful. We put in a lot of work, and

for people to take notice and love the new sound was so special. It’s always a

little nervous to release, because you never know if people are going to like it,

want it, listen to it, whatever. But it really struck a chord with people, and I’m glad.

I want to be the guy that sings the song people need to hear, when they need to

hear it, and I think we nailed it this time.

MUC: What was the inspiration for this song?

BL: I was watching Captain America on quarantine, and in one of the very first

scenes Steve Rogers is outside getting absolutely beat up. But he stands up one

more time, puts his fists up and says, “I can do this all day.” I thought about the

current condition of our communities and nations, and how we’ve all been placed

on lockdown and quarantine. Honestly, the response I’ve seen from communities

is one of resiliency. I’m inspired by humanity's resilience; we went through social

distance, quarantine, reopening, phase regression, all of it, and we’re still

swinging. First responders stood up, teachers put their boxing gloves on, social

justice workers raised their voices, small business owners got creative, we saw it

all. I wanted to write a song about all this, but have it be a song that brings some

lighthearted joy to the world. A lot of us have forgotten how to smile, and I hope