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Interview: The Spring Release Their New Single "Victoria"

After coming off a performance at NAMM, the fresh new indie/alternative band, The Spring release their brand new single, “Victoria” with this being their second release in 2019. The Spring has spent most of this summer playing regional shows in their home state in Florida.

The band consist of 4 members Manny, Matt, Levi and Gabe. They describe their style as lucious, fresh, and ambitious. They are such a breathe of fresh air. Their melodies come together to create a cool, calm, and collective sound. Their sound has warmed the hearts of many. We were so intrigued by this group that we asked for them to sit down and chat with us, where they talked to us about the inspiration behind their brand new single “Victoria”, how the band came together, their favorite thing about touring, and much more.

Music Update Central: How did The Spring form?

The Spring: The Spring came together in early 2017, when Manny Fawcett (frontman) got into contact with Matthew Rigsby (Lead Guitarist) through an ad on the internet.

Manny had some original songs that he shared with Matt, and they slowly started building a small repertoire of music.

A couple of weeks pass and Manny recruited Gabe on bass, after reconnecting at a show that Gabe was playing. Manny explained that he had just started a new Alt. Rock project, and would love for him to lay down some nasty bass tracks on the songs he had just written. Gabe loved the idea, because he was a fan of an old band that Manny was in, and they also knew each other from around highschool.

Levi Tate joined shortly after, which was kind of a no brainer because Manny and Levi had been in a band prior to this group, and had been playing music with each other since early 2013, in and out of highschool, so there musical bond was already strong.

The vibes were flowing, the tunes were grooving, and the band has been pursuing their dream ever since.

Music Update Central: What was the inspiration behind “Victoria”?

The Spring: Contrary to popular belief, this song is not about a girl named Victoria, but instead the Latin spelling of Victory.

This is a song about overcoming what you once thought you couldn't. It's about the heavy silhouette of society telling you how you should live your life, and others telling you to stay in this safe lane that a majority of people follow because of how we are all raised. This is a song about following your dreams, no matter how big or how small. It's a song that I hope will inspire people to look into the mirror every morning, and no matter your situation, saying that i can make today a victory.

Music Update Central: What’s your favorite thing about touring?

The Spring: Playing music for people that come from all parts of the world, and watching our music bring a smile to their faces.

Exploring new places, going to venues and destinations that we have never been before. There is a thrill that comes with putting your music and yourself out there during a tour. However, spending time with my brothers is a very close second. These guys are like family to me, and it’s always such a great time playing shows, and goofing off in the van between shows.

Music Update Central: Can you tell our readers what we can expect in the coming months?

The Spring: Y’all can definitely expect some major shows, and more music as fast as we can release it. Who knows, maybe we will even throw an album your way.

Music Update Central: Send away, we would love that!! What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue music?

The Spring: Never stop writing music. You must write songs that come from your heart.

Find inspiration in your everyday life. Be genuine with what you are saying and put yourself out there, because that is when i find that the listeners connect with you the most.

Thanks to The Spring for taking the time to talk us. Make sure to check out their brand new single “Victoria”.

Instagram @TheSpringOfficial

Twitter @morespringpls


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