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Interview: Smithfield Are Making Their Own Path With New EP Release

SmithField was founded in 2011 with a dream as big as their home state of Texas. Comprised of vocalists Trey and Jennifer, SmithField took the stage by storm with their memorable music and stunning harmonies. After only one year in Nashville, SmithField had already landed opening gigs for established artists including Kane Brown, Scotty McCreery, Granger Smith, Dustin Lynch, Brothers Osborne and Old Dominion.

What’s the story behind your new EP “We Make Our Own”? Our new EP is somewhat anthemic for us right now. We have built our careers thus far on carving our own path, and doing things our own way. We wanted to make this project for the fans, and to continue "making our own" way.

How did Smithfield Come to Be? We have known each other since we were kids! Our families actually go back 3 generations in the same little small town in Texas. Then when we were both in college in Dallas, Trey approached me about singing together after his rock band had broken up. We both knew it was something special pretty quick, and moved to Nashville to pursue it full time in 2012.

What can fans expect in the upcoming months? We are so excited about the rest of the year! We kick off our "We Make Our Own" Spring tour on April 1st in NYC! We'll be hitting the road pretty heavy through the summer, and hope to be on a major tour in the Fall. Other than that, we have even more new music in the works with some exciting announcements to go along with it. This year is going to be one for the books!

What are your favorite memories from your Grand Ole Opry debut and playing the Opry over the years? It's hard to believe that we just made our 25th Grand Ole Opry appearance!! Our debut is obviously one that stands out, because you never forget that feeling of stepping in to that circle for the first time. In a way, every time we step on that stage feels like our debut though. The history and significance of that stage just never loses it's impact on you. We feel so fortunate every time we get asked back to that place.

What are your CMA Fest 2019 plans? Ooo, there are some exciting things we have planned for CMA Fest! We will be playing the Walk of Fame stage on the afternoon of the 8th. We also have a REALLY cool Smithfield show that we have been working on, that we will be announcing in the next few weeks. All we can say is that it will be a special and unique experience that is heart felt thank you to the most important people in our careers: our fans. Stay tuned!

When writing, where do you get your inspiration from? As artists, we are constantly thinking about the next project. When we're writing, we try to be intentional in making that project a true snap shot of our lives and experiences at the time. We just try to say what we're thinking, and hope other people feel the same way. The catalyst can be anything from a thought, something we see, or just something that's brought up in a discussion. Inspiration can be anywhere!

Connect with SmithField by visiting and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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