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Interview: Indie Pop/Rock Band Here's To You Share Story Behind Their New EP

New York based Indie Pop/Rock band Here's To You share the story behind their new EP, recent music video release, and much more in our exclusive interview!

Photo Credit: Gina Scarpino

Thanks for chatting with Music Update Central! What's the inspiration behind your new EP?

Stephan: All of the songs that will eventually be on the full-length, “Wonder/Wander”, are an accumulation of our lives in the past 4 years. It’s very exciting to have the first ⅓ out now!

Greg: No problem. Would definitely say that life in general has been a huge influence. A lot of these songs are stories of our heartbreaks and sadness and happiness and internal questions put into song form. It’s definitely growing up compared to our last album.

Charlie: The inspiration lyrically comes from mostly experiences in our college days. Musically, we also started branching out, listening to different types of music and continually practicing. I got a lot more involved in electronic production and you’ll hear a lot more electronic influence throughout “Wonder /Wander”.

Mike: Thanks for talking with us about it! A lot of the lyrical content just comes from our own life experiences. We’re just four normal guys who have been through a lot of the same things a lot of our listeners might be going through as well, so we hope that our listeners connect with the lyrics.

When writing music for this EP, what made you choose these songs?

Stephan: We spent several years labbing and working on these songs, being frustrated, writing others (and subsequently throwing them out), and just constantly trying to improve as songwriters. These songs, and the rest of the full-length, all came out naturally, and are definitely the best representations of who we are at the moment.

Greg: We chose these songs first because we wanted to showcase the meat and potatoes of what the full album is going to be, but also what kind of exeremental (at least for us) stuff is going to be on it too. We wanted that contrast of putting the ballad last, when the other songs are uptempo “bangers”.

Charlie: We actually wrote Burning Alive and Drive one after another, following that we wrote songs that were on other parts of the full release; I think Don’t Remember Me was the last in the set. We all loved it so much that we decided to put it on the first release. An Alliance was just badass and unique and we also wanted to conserve some of the other songs that were sonically similar to Drive and Burning alive for the other releases, so that’s how that one found its place.

Mike: We definitely tried to space out songs that are either somewhat sonically similar (try saying that ten times fast) to each other or just bring a whole new sonic dimension to the table, like Don’t Remember Me. There are other songs that will have a similar feel to Drive or Burning Alive, and some that are so different for this band, like Don’t Remember Me.

How did the formation of Here's To You come to be?

Stephan: Greg & I were in another band, and Charlie was in another in 2008/2009. Eventually, I had an itch to start something with Charlie, and the bands just kind of merged. Years later, Mike would join the mix and finally complete the line-up.

What can people expect in the upcoming months from the band?

Stephan: More new music, more new content, and shows!!

Greg: Phase II and III will be out this year, thus completing the record. I very much look forward to it being all released.

Charlie: As Greg said, the following phases will be out which I’m super excited about! And we’re in the process of finding dates for shows so that as well.

Mike: Phase II and hopefully another music video or two.

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