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Interview: Independent Country Artist, Ashleigh Rogers Releases Powerful Single "Back Of A Truck"

Independent country artist, Ashleigh Rogers is from Batesville, Arkansas currently residing in Nashville, TN with her three year old son, Canaan. Country music has long been a staple of Ashleigh's life, from the time of her first stage appearance, singing Martina McBride's "Broken Wing" to the Independence (AR) County Fair crowds at age 10, to eventually opening up for the likes of the legendary Oak Ridge Boys and country music superstar Eric Church.

Since moving to Nashville in 2017, Ashleigh has spent her time tirelessly working the Nashville songwriter scene, having written over a hundred songs in the past year, all the while being a doting single mother to Canaan. During that time, Ashleigh connected with producer and player extraordinaire Brian Bunn (Thomas Rhett, DecembeRadio) to record and release her 2018 self-titled debut EP.

Ashleigh Rogers chat with us about the inspiration behind her single "Back Of A Truck", pursuing a musical career, and future plans in our interview below!

What's the inspiration behind your single Back of a Truck? "Back of a Truck" was inspired by my childhood and my hometown, Batesville, Arkansas. It's a sentimental, thoughtful reflection of how the lifestyle in a small town has shaped me and taught me some of the greatest lessons in life. I've tied a couple of these special moments to a truck, because it was obviously a piece of the equation, but it's actually not about the truck at all. It's about the appreciation of some of the most simplistically beautiful parts of life- the memories of laughter, connection, rebellion, and growth.

When did you know you wanted to make a career out of music? I've been singing and writing since a young age and throughout Middle and High School I traveled as far as my parents would allow, to work with other musicians, writers and producers. So, I grew a lot in my appreciation for, and understanding of, music. But at 19, I hit a pretty confusing and chaotic point in my life, which caused me to question who I really was and what I should be doing here. I worked and went to school on a Pell grant full time, without a car or a stable home life, and nearly destroyed my self image in an abusive relationship. By 22 I had begun working through a lot of my past and getting really connected to who I am at the center. Music just poured out of me like never before and it was like my writing had been given a new life source- fueled by my experiences. Nothing had ever felt more right and I can't imagine being more passionate about any other career path. 

Who are your biggest influences? I'd say my roots are a combination of Rock and Soul. I've been influenced by a lot of different kinds of music and there are still always new ones, which spark more inspiration for me. A few of the staples that I remember connecting with at a young age are: America, the Eagles, Martina McBride, and Alicia Keys.

What can fans expect in the future? I think I'll continue to surprise people with my music. Comparatively speaking, each song I've released so far says something completely different, so I haven't told the same story twice. My songwriting and my sound has also continued to develop so I'm already super excited about what I've chosen to release next! I intend to continue on a path that feels authentic and honest, and I'm really looking forward to showing more of my heart and sharing more of my stories with the rest of the world. My first music video is in the works right now too, and I have the highest of hopes for the outcome. 2019 is shaping up to be a pretty huge year for me already! 

You can connect with Ashleigh Rogers at and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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