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Interview: Celeste Kellogg gives an inside scoop on her latest single, “Country Swagger"

Celeste Kellogg releases her new single and music video, “Country Swagger.” This song is perfect for the summer. It’s fun, upbeat and is a great song to grab your friends together and dance along. If you’re going to a concert, you can tailgate in the parking lot with friends and crank the music up. The music video is just as fun as the song. After watching the beginning scene from the video, you would think it was from a movie. I had the chance to interview Celeste and talk more about her new single and the making behind the music video.

The story behind the music video came about from the small town in Virginia that Celeste grew up in. I wanted to represent where I grew up. Growing up in a small town in Virginia, it wasn't uncommon to be standing in a corn field and see military jets doing test flights overhead. I am so proud of that and wanted the video to show both sides of COUNTRY Swagger - the country lifestyle and America. From there the treatment just fell into place and we were lucky enough to have the Battleship Wisconsin allow us to film the video on deck!

What inspired Celeste to write “Country Swagger," she was on a promo tour that was sponsored by Gibson Guitars on the West Coast promoting her first CD “This is Where I Wanna Be.” My guitar player at the time, Evan Hadaymond, picked up on the fact that I love to move when I perform. He suggested I write a song called "Country Swagger" and came up with the guitar lick for it. Four years and forty-five minutes later I texted him and told him I had just written the song.

Celeste got into the music scene at a young age. She grew up singing in a church school choir. It was hard to get me off the stage. I just loved music, singing and performing. I'm not so sure if I chose music or if it chose me. It has always been where I feel at home. Some of her musical influences range from Alabama, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, Eagles, and Cher. All of them have done such a great job in developing their individuality and breaking the mold. I absolutely love their artistry.

As an artist your days never look the same, from songwriting to recording to touring and then being able to keep up with social media. She told us that the average day for her starts with walking her Golden Retriever, Salvo. He will not allow me to do anything else until I walk him LOL. Then she goes through her social checks, emails, etc. If I have to do some Photoshop work or video editing I will do that as well. I do all of my graphics and videos (with the exception of my official music videos like "Country Swagger"). Then, depending on what is going on career wise, I will do something a little different. If I'm on a radio tour, I'm up at 4 a.m. getting ready for the morning shows. Right now I'm working on getting everything ready for my next single to be released.

If there was one thing Celeste’s fans could remember her by, she says she would like for them to remember her not only as an artist and songwriter but as someone that made a positive difference with the stage that music gives her! From the Anti-Bullying tours to the charity events I like being a part of. That's what I want to be remembered for.

My advice for anyone wanting to pursue music as a career is first, to make sure you LOVE it! It takes a lot of hard work but it's totally worth it if you love music. Taking lessons is another thing I would suggest. You can never be too good at your craft whether it's vocal lessons, guitar lessons, dance class, etc. Always work on it and strive to get better. Lastly, follow your heart and be you! Don't let anyone change that because there is only one YOU :)

“Country Swagger” is available on all music platforms. You can stay up to date with Celeste on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more info, go to


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