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Independent pop singer-songwriter, Sadie Cannon, will be releasing her new single on February 16th

Using lyrics such as “I wish that I could take away all of the things that get in the way of us, but in the end I’d rather have a dream than something that I can touch”, Sadie takes listeners to a place where dreams can be more comforting than a physical person, especially in this age of isolation we are all experiencing.

When it came to shooting the music video mid-pandemic, she had to entirely restrategize her shooting tactics. In order to create a visual equally as breathtaking as the record, Sadie self designed 5 different sets in her small Los Angeles apartment. This resulted in a highly personalized visual that challenged the young artist to tap into another side of her creativity.

In her own words, Sadie says, “I feel as though true creativity shows when you can make the most out of minimal resources. It’s funny because I’m known amongst my friends for making photo walls for every occasion. I’m glad this quirky-passion could be of use for making visuals to accent my music.”

About Sadie Cannon

Sadie grew up in a small city in Florida where football on Friday night was the biggest thing in town. Even though many identified Cannon as a jock in high school, her heart was with music ever since she began piano at the age of 5.

After high school, she knew she needed to put in the work to make a mark in the music industry. This drive took her to Nashville for two years where she honed in on songwriting, and then to LA for a year and a half where she started producing and releasing music with a chill yet bold presence. With Cannon's music, you can expect lyrical honesty, catchy pop/r&b hooks, and deep female vocals.

The whole mantra behind Sadie’s music is to capture our biggest truth. To be completely honest with ourselves, and admit to our weaknesses so we can better learn to love our strengths. Cannon welcomes you onboard her path to introspection as she uncovers the raw intricate emotions that purely unify us all.


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