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Iconic Storyteller Donny Mac aka Don McLeod Signs a Deal with Publicity Nation PR

Don McLeod aka Donny Mac (Stage Name) has signed a public relations deal with Publicity Nation PR. McLeod has had a long, prolific career. Most recently after dropping his debut album McLeod has turned his professional sites toward television, motion picture screenwriting and production. McLeod will be announcing new television and motion picture productions that will be released to the press over the summer. McLeod's acting resume is vast including most recently a starring role in Netflix's "Doomsday Mom The Lori Vallow Project."

Donny Mac (Country Music Stage Name) has been writing music for years and is notably known as Canada’s “Songwriter”. He has written with top Grammy Award Winning Artists including MacKenzie Porter, Jim Vallance, Jim Riley, Vincent DeGiorgio, Brian Howes, Sean Hosien, Dane DeViller, Dallas Smith, Danny Craig, Dale Russell, Shaun Verreault, Trevor Guthrie, and Chin Injeti, to name a few. Donny has been a producer and a singer-songwriter, working with many artists and even lending his talents for movie and TV soundtracks, including writing “This Old Barn” for hit TV series ‘Heartland,’ and in 2022, Donny Mac released a 15 song album called “A Journey Through The Story.”

Connect with Donny Mac: Website


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