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HOT & NEW Southern Rock N' Soul Band,Hippies and Cowboys Release Their Debut Single "20 To Life"

A brand new band of outlaws from Nashville, Tennessee, Hippies & Cowboys brings a fresh vintage flair with their debut single "20 To Life", taking you back to the days of Lynard Skynard, Led Zepplin, CCR, and Aerosmith. This is the first of many single drops along with their EP. Hippies & Cowboys perfectly captures the essence of classic southern rock n' roll with a taste of country blues. The mix between lead singer Aaron Sparling's distinct gritty vocals, crisp guitar riffs, and rich saxophone makes for a high-energy debut in the southern rock scene. "20 To Life" is available now for streaming & download. Their EP was recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL. Click here to listen.

Hippies and Cowboys grace us with a fresh take on classic Southern Rock style in their energized debut single “20 To Life”. Taking inspiration from bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top, their funky vibe will truly resonate with all fans that enjoy a blend of rock, country, and blues.

The lyrics tell a story of traveling to Reno post heartbreak to kill the girl who broke him, and ultimately getting “20 to life” by doing so. The instrumentals are filled with bluesy harmonicas, crisp use of electric and acoustic guitar, honky tonk piano, and a funky horn section. Sparling's strong vocals are filled with grit and rasp, and is sure to be a stand out in the country-rock genre. Overall, Hippies and Cowboys “20 To Life” is an electrifying debut, and is sure to recharge your love of 90’s Southern Rock.

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