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Hot New Single, “Deja Vu” from Dalton Mauldin

Dalton Mauldin has released a fun upbeat song that is the perfect love soundtrack. It blends sounds of old organs and modern pop melodies. This song will have listeners swaying along to the beat and thinking of that special someone. As Mauldin sings “You’re my Deja Vu” listeners are reminded that when the love is right, it will feel familiar. When you meet someone new and it seems like you’ve known them forever, it’s usually an indication that a new adventure is right around the corner. This single is the perfect backtrack for all those new love adventures and blushing moments.


Dalton Mauldin is as real and genuine as it gets. The Florida native is not only an established musician,

but a baseball player and full time student as well. At 24 years old, managing these talents can be tough to balance. Even with these added pressures, he was still able to release “Nights Without You,” his hit debut single, which has over 6 million streams and was included in Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Pop, and Pop-Co playlists, leaving Dalton to set the bar pretty high for his GRAY EP, which is out on all

platforms. A Little bit more info: High school is where Dalton’s musical journey began. His passion for music comes from spending time at church. With this newfound love, a hand me down guitar, and YouTube tutorials, Dalton began to hone his craft as a singer-songwriter. Shortly aftesr, he began posting covers online. With some artist development, this turned into originals and included different media avenues such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Dalton is inspired by all aspects of life; conversations, people he meets, and personal experiences. His favorite way to approach songwriting is by taking a step back, recognizing his emotions, and writing from an outside perspective. With influences such as LANY, Jeremy Zucker, and Corey Harper, Dalton’s sound is a great blend of ambient indie pop.

“Deja Vu is a little different than my other songs. it’s probably one of like 5 total love songs I’ve ever

written. i wrote this song with the thought of “deja vu” because it was my idea of thinking about someone

at different times of the day. at the time there was this girl who i was starting to have feelings for but i

wasn’t quite sure if she felt the same way, but i kept catching myself thinking about her a lot more than

normal. we had been hanging out & even though i couldn’t tell how she felt about me, a part of me was thinking “there’s no way she doesn’t feel the same.. right?” so i wrote this trying to describe how I felt having all of these deja vu moments about her, and also imagining what life could be like being with her.

– Dalton on DEJA VU


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