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Hope Nation Radio Sends A Global Message

Do you believe in Angels?  Not the kind you read about in books, or see pictured in an illustration, but rather the real life everyday kind.  They work all around us lending a little help when in need, guiding us beyond the line of sight.  Its not often you get to sit down and talk to a real life angel, but today, I had the honor to speak to mine.  Nile Peaytt better known as “Big Daddy” the recognizable voice and co founder of Hope Nation Radio (HNR), an online radio station formed with Thomas Hammonds in 2013 dedicated to childhood cancer awareness.  This non-profit 501c station plays a variety of country music, pop, rock, contemporary, Christian and gospel from signed and independent artists with 85% of what’s played comes requested from children all around the world.

Just minutes into my conversation with Big Daddy it was then that I realized what was planned to be a simple candid conversation would quickly turn into a deeply rooted heartwarming lifelong journey filled story of a man on a mission to change the lives of sick/dying children and my wanting to help him get his message out.

I wanted to know what wasn’t already in publication, what exactly was it that sent this everyday man on a global mission spreading “Hope” to children suffering from unfathomable cancers.  Where does he find the courage to continue on when personally dealing with so many tragedies?  To my surprise I discovered that Big Daddy had been on this mission since age 10.  “Its been a lot of hit and miss and trial and errors” along the way but everyday that we work at it, and bring one smile to a child’s face, that’s all we’re after.  The goal being “we cant change the situation, but we can create a memory for the family” and bring a smile to the child.  So much money is raised through other organizations fighting for a cure, but unintentionally, it’s the kid they sometimes forget about, and he wanted this to be more personal.  It’s a crew of people pulling up to a child’s home with a huge bag of goodies (seeing the child in the window jumping for joy that “Big Daddy’s here”) and walking in prepared to cook a Holiday dinner for the family, decorating a home for the Holiday’s on the hottest day of summer, paying in house visits to hospitalized children and handing out specially made goodie bags, making a memory and seeing a smile, that’s why we do it.   There’s so many more kiddo’s out there that we need to reach.  Every day 43 children are diagnosed with cancer, an estimated 300,000 newly diagnosed cases affect children under the age of 20 worldwide and Globally cancer stole 11.5 million years of healthy life away from children in 2017. 

In Honor of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Hope Nation Radio is expanding their reach into Nile Peaytt’s hometown of Fairmont, West Virginia where he has teamed up with West Virginia University (WVU) Medicine Children’s Hospital, for special events, room visits and fundraising efforts for a brand new, standalone facility for women and children that WVU hopes to complete by 2020, officially moving the Children’s Hospital out of their single floor operation.  

With a Podcast Nile Peaytt and Thomas Hammonds created that quickly climbed to the # 1 spot in their category gaining listeners of all ages, to the foundation and Hope Nation Radio, you might ask what’s next for this humanitarian on a mission…help spread Hope globally.  Anyone can help just by logging onto the website, you can purchase a hat or T-shirt, or take 5 minutes out of your day and send a card of Hope to the “Kiddo Of The Month”.  Imagine the child’s face when they receive cards from people all around the world.  We might not be able to change the situation, but we sure can create a memory for the family and bring a smile to the child.  

For more information about the Foundation or where you can make a tax-deductible charitable contribution please visit

Nile Peaypt- Picture Courtesy of Country Thang Daily


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