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Holiday State Gives us Friday Feelin' Everyday #holidaystateofmind

Country-pop music group Holiday State brothers Brandon, Brett and Bryan DeLaura (formed in 2014) just released their new single, “Steal The Thunder,” & they also just released a music video for their single “Friday Feelin”. These three men are on the move and we wanted to sit down with them and get the inside scoop on their current video release and their musical journey together.

Music Update Central: Okay guys, I absolutely loved your video "Friday Feelin'" First question, where did you film this video, what a beautiful beach location?

Holiday State: Seal Beach, in Orange Country Cali!

Music Update Central: Tell me about the song itself. You can't have a great music video without having a great song. What was the inspiration?

Holiday State: We all wrote the song with our producer Andy Sheridan and his wife Melissa. We wanted a feel good sing-a-long song with a really fun vibe. I think we pulled it off.

Music Update Central: You did! I get a lot of video releases across my desk and I watched your video more than I can count on one hand. I also caught your live performance in Nashville on "Today in Nashville" and you guys are the real deal. Sounded just as amazing as your studio work.

How did you pick the romantic lead for this video?

Holiday State: Great question, we hired a great actress Quincey and she did an amazing job. She was professional and fun to work with. Before Quincy we had three other ladies who were casted for the video and for various reasons they ended up not being able to do the video. We were getting frustrated so we reached out to Quincy and so glad we did.

Music Update Central: Time for the "Bro" Questions! How did the three of you end up working together, give us the scoop.

Holiday State: Being in separate bands and other music situations gets frustrating. We are all about the work so we just decided to come together and it is working out, we have been best friends all of our lives, we are brothers so it just works.

Music Update Central: Anything coming up that you want me to share with our readers?

Holiday State: Yes we are doing the L.A. County Fair in September and we are working on more music. We are going to be putting out music on a consistent basis.

Music Update Central: Thanks for taking time today Brandon, Brett & Bryan. I can't wait to see where you all go with your music, keep on keeping us all in a #holidaystateofmind


BIO: Holiday State is a country/pop music group started in 2014 by brothers Brandon, Brett and Bryan DeLaura from Orange County, CA. Raised in a home that encouraged creativity and provided a constant musical influence, the brothers showed a passion for music at a young age. In 2015, the brothers released their first, self-titled EP. In 2017, after playing various venues for three years in Southern California, they were the supporting act for Sammy Adams on his National “Senioritis Tour”, performing throughout the Southeast.They’ve been featured performers at the ‘Music Changing Lives’ showcase in Riverside, CA, ‘The Social Hour’ radio show, ‘Mimosas with Michael’, ‘Voyage LA’, landed the favorite song of the week (Afraid of the Dark) on the ‘Radio Airplay’ blog, ‘Ear Poppin’, new music playlist placement on streaming platform ‘Jango’, ‘Existing And Occurring’ playlist placement featuring up and coming artists on Spotify and were dubbed “The New Kids On the Block to Watch” on the Tune Traffic’s “Bangers of the Week” blog. Holiday State was the supporting act for multi-platinum recording artists ‘O-Town’ at the Gaslamp in Long Beach, CA in 2017, also collaborating with EDM DJ/Producer Duo ‘Cherry Beach’ on a remix of their song, “We Smile.” On October 1 of that year, Brett attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. The group was intensely shaken by the tragedy and an indelible mark was left on all three of them. It was necessary to take time off for Brett to heal, and as a part of the healing process, they sought out to make the most meaningful and purposeful music as possible, both melodically and lyrically. This mission led them to Nashville in early 2018, where they wrote and recorded their second EP with producer Andy Sheridan, founder of ‘Charlie Horse Productions’ and musical director for artists Hunter Hayes and Ben Rector. Their EP is due out this Summer with subsequent singles released throughout the Spring. Visit for more information.


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