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Hippies and Cowboys Bring Back The Classic Heartbreak Song In Latest Single "Baby Won't You Stop"

This latest single from the high-energy southern rock and soul group Hippies & Cowboys, “Baby Won’t You Stop,” is sure to be the latest ear-worm in the minds of music lovers. This catchy track opens with a building drum beat before exploding into jazzy horns underpinned by crisp organ chords and funky guitar strums. The lyrics are carried by Aaron Sparling’s raspy–in a positive way–vocals, as he sings of a love scorned by infidelity. The listener soon learns the meaning of the song’s title: “Baby won’t you stop/hurting me.” Click here to listen.

While the song’s lyrics are by their nature sad, as the narrator’s tired of being hurt by his lover, the instrumental’s continued brass hits and ripping guitar solo give the track high, positive energy that compels the listener to sing along. In these three minutes, the listener has been scorned by their lover, too, and they’re ready to sing that pain away.

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