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Nashville, Tenn. (November 15, 2019) - Rising songstress Harper Grae released her striking new single “Wanna Wear A Dress,” following the  premiere with American Songwriter who praised, “the purposefully sparse production makes way for a powerfully intentional vocal that is reminiscent of Martina McBride or Trisha Yearwood, delivering the musically balanced message of self-love – and, with that, having the courage to assert what you want and deserve.” With stunning lyrics written by Grae and Kathryn Gallagher, who is currently starring on Broadway in Jagged Little Pill and was featured in Netflix’s hit show You, the song shares the story of being unapologetically yourself when it comes to relationships and love. Adding to the excitement, the Auburn University alumna will perform the halftime show at this weekends’ Auburn football game (11/16) and at the Iron Bowl on November 30. 

Listen to “Wanna Wear A Dress” here.

“'Wanna Wear A Dress' is a special song to me,” Grae shared with American Songwriter. “Not only is it my first release in over a year, but it’s also the most honest I have been about myself - who I am as a person, but also who I am as an artist.“

Rolling Stone Country called Harper Grae “a platinum-voiced country-pop singer with a flair for turning her harrowing past into high art.” Grae, whose self-adopted last name stands for ‘God redeems all equally,’ comes from an early life that no one would choose, and yet uses that experience as fuel for a creative fire that nurtures all who gather near. Her work has been described as “riveting, heartbreaking stuff that doubles as trauma therapy” by Rolling Stone Country, and she has been noted for “wisdom that’s beyond her years" by CMT

Upon graduation from Auburn University, she auditioned for televised talent show “The Glee Project.” After exiting the competition as second runner up, Harper moved to Nashville and began her development as a singer-songwriter and founded a non-profit, the Look Up Foundation, giving back to those with early circumstances similar to her own. Her story and resilience attracted the attention of Bobby Bones, whose own personal background mirrored Grae’s. He invited Grae on to his radio show, unintentionally coinciding the visit with the anniversary of her mother’s death. Following the Bobby Bones show, Harper Grae’s star has continued to rise with Billboard declaring that she should be "showered with praise." 

For more information follow Harper Grae on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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