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Harmony Dreamers Release Solar-Powered Trilogy "Spinning Round The Sun!"

During COVID, Byron Lee Scott of Harmony Dreamers wrote "Spinning Round the Sun!" One day he bought a travel trailer, set up a studio inside it, and learned to live off grid on propane and solar power. While sitting outside, Byron began playing chords over a new synth preset. Within 2 minutes he had what would make up the base of the song. Shortly afterwards, Byron brough on Larry Dragland for drums and percussion, and Anna V for lead and harmony vocals. Byron covered the other lead and harmony vocals, as well as recorded every single instrument on his synth keyboard. Each part, while having the same base, are different entities of their own, with the first part "Connected" being a synth-heavy pop song, the second part "Loving The Song" being a cinematic interpretation, and the third part "Solar Rays" being an electronic dance instrumental. When asked about the song, Byron said “The Sun is blazing through space at about 500,000 miles per hour, and the Earth follows in a spiral path at the perfect distance. I think it's miraculous! It's wondrous and humbling when you become aware of the vast universe. It's a feeling there is something much bigger than ourselves.” The trilogy can be found on the Harmony Dreamer's debut album "I Come From Earth,” available now on all streaming services.

Parts 1 & 2: Here

Part 3: Here

Website: Here


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