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Hannah Schzde takes you on a trip to her hometown in Mexico City with her new single "Fonder"

Hannah Schzde takes you on a beautiful journey inspired by her travels to her hometown in Mexico with her new single "Fonder." The single & lyric video was released today on all streaming & download platforms.

The song opens with a beautiful guitar strumming that will remind you of a place far away from home while simultaneously bringing you that feeling of home and familiarity. The song brings excitement and a sense of spending a family vacation as a little child. The drums beat as if you were about to go on an adventure. The violin playing smoothly complimented Hannah’s innocent-like voice as she told her story. In the verses, the violin moves and glides in the same manner and waves as Hannah’s voice, emphasizing her lyrics and what she has to say. Her story is about longing for her loved one and the experience and beauty of knowing that she gets to have that again one day.

"I wrote "Fonder" during a one-month-long trip to my hometown Mexico City. It was my first time being far away from my now husband since we started dating. Even though I deeply missed him, I also felt grateful for having him in my life and knowing that we would be together again soon. Many of us have spent a long time far away from the people we love, especially in the last couple of years. This song is a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us who deeply miss someone and a reminder that, whenever we see each other again, our love will be stronger than ever." - Hannah Schzde

Lyrics such as “distance is the number of days until I see you” show how much she misses this person. Wishing she “had a photograph” of the day they met. The song’s overall message is about being away from that someone. Whether that’s your family, partner, or anyone who makes you feel special. But something that makes this single even more beautiful is at the end, there is a light and sense of hopefulness in the story. Hannah is counting down the days until she finally is reunited and gets to experience the fullness of that love once again.

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