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Hannah Schzde’s New Music Video Reminds Her Fans To “Shine”

If the past couple years have taught us anything, it’s that it’s become increasingly easy to focus only on the negatives in the world. This type of negative thinking can form a sort of cloud around us, blocking us from seeing the beauty and light that still exists in the world. It is up to us as individuals to look within and find our own light, and in turn hopefully become a beacon for others. Hannah Schzde does just that with her latest video for her song “Shine”. Her positivity is as infectious as her song, and her light shines brightly in both her lyrics and her visuals.

Hannah, an accomplished violinist, plays a multitude of different instruments, and was able to showcase her violin and ukulele skills in this song. Her skillful blend of pop and classical genres provide the ideal mix for the uplifting and inspiring “Shine”.

It’s almost impossible not to smile while watching Hannah dance through life without a care in the world. Sparkling vocals accompany serene scenes of nature, fully supporting her claim that “everything in nature is beautiful, why wouldn’t everybody be as well?”. With a catchy melody and uplifting music, Hannah’s “Shine” is the perfect self-love song for this summer.


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