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Hannah Anders Puts Her Country Spin On Little Red Riding Hood

Hannah Anders has graced her fans with a fun music video for her single "Redneck Riding Hood." I loved Hannah’s storyboard and visual aesthetic of the sets down to her stunning and sexy presentation of her Redneck Riding Hood character.

A strong power chord from a guitar is heard as you're looking at a vintage airstream trailer that appears to have been designed by Barbie herself. There is pink as far as the eye can see while Hannah is seen perched on the edge of a bed dressed in a long cherry red robe. She begins to sing the tale of a girl from Tennessee speeding through the woods on her way to her grandma's house. The music begins to ramp up as Hannah goes into the pre-chorus before it suddenly drops. With a kick of her leg clad in tight leather pants the music comes back in for Hannah to start the chorus.

After the chorus, the scene switches as Hannah is now at Wolfies bar (Nashville, TN) drinking with the big bad wolf himself. Wolfies is staged to look like your classic dive bar with the chipped paint on the walls and the low red-tinted lighting. Hannah sings of how the wolf is from South Carolina and he’s been known to commit a few crimes. She is wearing the signature riding hood red with a corset top as the wolf is buying her drinks and trying to flirt with her. Just like in the original tale, the wolf is trying to convince her that he is someone he is not. Unfortunately for him, Hannah sees right through him. He says a version of the lines we all know "And what big eyes you have / And what big lips you have" but the little redneck riding hood isn't having it. She starts to get fed up with his flirting and meets him outside where she shows him that she isn't the woman to mess with. Anders sings the words "You should have seen it when she roundhouse kicked him in the head" as the camera switches to the man's point of view while he collapses to the ground. Redneck riding hood has defeated the wolf! Hannah lets out a piercing howl while she's shown walking up to her trailer in her red stilettos.

The video closes out with a haunting guitar riff while Hannah sits down to enjoy a piping hot slice of apple pie. The cinematography of this video was excellent. Nashville videographer James McGettrick helped bring Hannah Anders' song to life. It felt like I was watching a movie about the classic Little Red Riding Hood with a new twist. I was hooked from the moment it started all the way to the end.

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