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Greg Rider Prepares for Release of New Single "Baby Girl"

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 6, 2019) - Canadian artist, Greg Rider prepares for the release of his upcoming single, Baby Girl. Greg is excited to celebrate the release of his single with an single release party at Boston Pizza in Ancaster kicking off at 7pm with special guest Jaclyn Kenyon.

"I wasn't proud of how I treated women back in college," explains Greg. "It seemed like a game and just a story to tell the boys. It wasn’t until I started thinking about my future when I realized that if I have a baby girl one day, I wouldn’t want her to being treated with disrespect. It’s a message that a lot of men need to hear and I hope this song inspires one guy to change his ways."

Music had been an influence on Greg, but he never did anything to pursue it until his 20’s, considering himself a closet singer and only picked up the guitar at age 20. As he built his confidence, he began to play locally in a duo. When the duo disbanded, it was time for Greg to take his next leap of faith. He accepted a job as a Bartender in the Cayman Islands and spent his off time writing and performing at open mic opportunities. 

Aside from music, Greg is also an author. His first book, The Uneasy Man, was released through Amazon early in 2018. It is a self-help guide based on his struggles with Anxiety and Depression. The book is geared towards anyone that feels like they are standing in their own way and need that push to go after their dreams. Greg is passionate about helping youth find their purpose and to avoid the self-inflicted pain he put himself through to find his way.

Connect with Greg Rider by visiting or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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