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Grammy Nominated SMLE x Bonnie Dymond Release Start Again

Grammy Nominated SMLE and Singer-Songwriter Bonnie Dymond collaborate on Start Again, a new single released on October 2, 2020. Available on all streaming and download sites

Dymond gives an honest and poignant portrayal that finding that next step does not come right away andcan take some time. “Start Again” has an upbeat tone and melody that will give any listener the inspiration needed to keep moving forward. With beautiful lyrics, “But somehow I know the sun will shine again… I’m holding out for that golden hour and hope life will start again”, 

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, a chaos and confusion blanketed the world. For the first time in many of our lifetimes, there were no live shows, concerts were being canceled, New York City, the center of the universe was shut down... life was at a stand-still. In mid-April, when it became apparent that things wouldn't be changing anytime soon and that a life of social distancing and quarantine would be one we would have to all get used to, one looming question crossed every single person's mind: "when will life go back to normal?" Though hope seemed to be the last thing on anybody's mind, it was the only thing on mine and I decided to do what I do best and channel it into a song, to create a snapshot of what was happening and how it was affecting each of us. One night I sat down and wrote "Start Again" on my guitar and made an unplugged demo shortly after. I knew it was a good song but that it needed a next level production. After pitching it around a bit, I sent it to Ruben of SMLE who I knew through a mutual friend and he immediately took to it. The next day he sent me a starter production and we knew we were onto something special. After a few months of back and forth production notes, we finally got a solid mix/master and everybody I played it for loved it. Rounding October, it's unfortunate that "Start Again" still has relevance in the times but I hope it resonates as a beacon of hope that the sun will shine again and we will somehow, someday and in some way return to normal.  - Bonnie Dymond

Produced by SMLE,  is an American electronic music duo consisting of Ruben Cardenas and Lewis Martinee. They are best known for their remix of Bobby Rush's song "Funk O'De Funk", for which they were nominated for the Best Remixed Recording award at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.) 


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