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Genre-Blending Singer-Songwriter & Pianist, Ray Palousek Releases New EP 'Colorblind'

Texas native, Ray Palousek releases his newest EP, titled 'Colorblind,' which was released today on all digital streaming platforms. You can listen to 'Colorblind' EP here.

Ray Palousek debuts his second EP, 'Colorblind,' exhibiting his form of poetry through each song. Ray is nothing but original. 'Colorblind' showcases his versatility with genre-blending songs, unable to fit him into just one style of music. Alongside his pleasing vocals and catchy lyrics.

The six songs included in 'Colorblind' take us through the vast feelings evoked by truly loving another person. "You're Everything” is a feel-good ballad that Ray Palousek wrote in tribute to a loved one. Love is an emotion that knows no bounds, Ray expresses this through his strong vocals and lyrics. Ray sings, ”You're everything/ that we want, that we love, that we need/ The greatest you this world has ever seen”. He goes on to express the value that he has in this person, their worth is beyond words. Instead, he describes the person through nature, the wind, the sea, and the sun.

In comparison, Ray sings, “Ocean Meets the Sky” describing the feeling of longing for a person that he has lost. He illustrates the beauty found in nature through the chorus, “Are you where the ocean meets the sky?/And where were you bound when you left me behind?/Until I trade your memory for the light,/I will not comprehend such a beautiful sight./No, I will not comprehend such a beautiful sight.” Ray compares this unmatched beauty to his lost love. His calming vocals express the delicateness of nature.

Ray Palousek describes these feelings, and every emotion in between, perfectly in ‘Colorblind’. The EP is engaging, and identifiable with multitudes of audiences. Ray Palousek's originality is what makes him stand out as an artist.

Listeners can keep up with Ray Palousek here.


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