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Audio Up’s newest venture features veteran actors Gary Busey and Dennis Quaid, and a drunken party on the beach, with a new first-of-its-kind scripted music podcast titled,Uncle Drank: The Totally Hammered podcast. One of Audio Up’s newest properties,Uncle Drank: The Totally Hammered podcast is set to premiere later this year and will feature an original soundtrack released through Warner Records. The first release “Hickstart My Heart” featuring Trinidad James was released earlier this week. Listen to the track HERE . Watch the teaser HERE.

The music and concept for Drank is the brainchild of Audio Up CEO Jared Gutstadt, known for writing songs across all genres with the likes of Bob Dylan, Lil Wayne, Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, and Steven Tyler amongst many others. Gutstadt’s previous musicals include the critically acclaimed Bear and a Banjo and the upcoming Make it Up As We Go podcasts.

The 8-part comedy music special gives its own take on the country western music industry, as artists and fans alike tell the somewhat true-life adventures of the 70’s and 80’s all-time fictional, superstar performer, Uncle Drank - a lovable, drunken and free-spirited beach musician played by Busey. One-part Kenny Chesney and one-part Kenny Powers, Uncle Drank takes listeners back to a time before Jimmy Buffet ate a cheeseburger in paradise; before Kenny Chesney sang about not wearing shoes; and way before an acoustic guitar, a bonfire, and a pair of flip-flops turned Jack Johnson into a superstar. 

“I feel Uncle Drank is one of my sub personality parts so there will be no acting required,” said actor Gary Busey.

Uncle Drank: The Totally Hammered Podcastis Quaid’s second Audio Up project, aside from being the co-founder of the company. He is serving as the executive producer, as well as, plays the supporting role of “Blendy” – a blender and Uncle Drank’s best friend. “Blendy” is here to spill all the secrets on Uncle Drank, including his multiple marriages and endless summer nights enduring lots of booze.

“I think this will be one of the most unique and funny approaches to podcasting I’ve ever seen. I truly believe this will end up being the next King of the Hill and be the bedrock for growth of our company. I see this as merchandise, tours, album, and animated series. This is just insanely funny and is well-executed from the music and comedy POV,” said actor, podcaster and musician Dennis Quaid.

“Uncle Drank was widely known as the inventor of beach-country and trop rock,” Audio Up CEO Jared Gutstadt explains. “He lived his life by worshiping the seven B’s... Bars, Birds, Beaches, Boats, Beers, Babes and of course…Bananas (for his mixed drinks of course). He inspired everybody... from Florida Georgia Line to Brad Paisley and it is rumored that Drank even picked out the color for what’s now known as the red solo cups…originally they were orange…imagine that!” 

The official soundtrack released by Warner Records will feature all original music. Following the podcast’s debut episode, original tracks will release every Friday, with the full soundtrack album available on finale day.

Uncle Drank: The Totally Hammered Podcast track listing:

“Whatever Don’t Teqkillya Makes You Stronger”

“Biggest Dock on the Lake”

“My Burp’s Gonna Get You Drunk”

“Third Wife’s a Charm”

“Vacay is my Biznay and Biznay is Cray Cray”

“Hand Job at Happy Hour”

“Hickstart My Heart”

About Audio Up:

Audio Up is a podcast content production studio, housing a world of infinite, audio-based properties. Ran by founder and CEO Jared Gutstadt (formerly of the Jingle Punks), Audio Up is building an ecosystem of premium entertainment content within the music and audio space.  From fictional scripted podcasts, which include a Marvel-like universe of musicals, where the records themselves become the story foundation, to Dennis Quaid’s unfiltered interview series,The Dennissance, Audio Up’s goal is to create a new and innovative form of IP.  They are bringing audio blockbusters to life and taking this media from black and white, into technicolor. Their upcoming slate of projects include Uncle DrankMake It Up As We Go with Scarlett Burke and other huge country entertainment names, Ego SystemS’ad Land and Hero The Band.

About “The Dennissance”:

Dennis Quaid is a renaissance man, one of the busiest people in show business. Besides being an actor, musician, songwriter, writer and podcast pioneer; he is also a jet pilot, amateur astronomer, fly-fisherman, philosopher, low handicap golfer, medical safety advocate and armchair historian. He has powered a NASCAR around an oval track, given speeches and appeared before congress on patient safety, played golf with 2 presidents, piloted a dogsled in the arctic, meditated on the shore of the Ganges River in India, has run and cycled marathons, team-roped on a quarter horse, trained dogs and people, pitched on the mound in Texas stadium, been a middle-weight boxer, and can change a diaper in 20 seconds. From the biggest, blockbuster movies, to being a hilarious and insightful talk-show guest and host, Dennis does it all. All of Dennis's famous friends have interests outside of the thing they're known for. In each episode of The Dennissance, Dennis talks to his guests about those things and what makes them unique in the world. This series features compelling and shareable content that focuses on honest conversations. The Dennissance combines all of Dennis Quaid's famous friends and Denizens into a weekly podcast full of can't miss content. The Dennissance is executive produced by veteran network TV executive David Hurwitz.


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