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Gabrielle Vaughn Releases Fiery New Single "Lovestruck"

Gabrielle Vaughn has just released her latest rocking single “Lovestruck”. An artist known for her fiery personality and rich alto-tone, this tune falls right in line with the rest. “Lovestruck” opens with a funky bass riff that immediately draws you in before the music comes to an abrupt stop. Once the music picks back up, Vaughn uses graphic lyrics to paint the scene of her, erratic with her makeup smeared sitting on the dance floor with a disco ball spinning above. She’s watching a stranger from afar and singing “The way that you’re looking is vicious/I want your hands all over me yeah.” As the tension builds to the chorus, Gabrielle amps up the intensity as she belts, “I'm always lovestruck, lovestruck, I can never get enough!” Her smooth tone and confident voice are reminiscent of 80’s icon Pat Benatar, powerful and poignant. A guitar break takes over for a few seconds making you want to jump up and pull out your air guitar.

An incredibly addicting song, after the first listen you’ll want to keep it on repeat. Listeners can find this song available anywhere they get their music right now! A perfect addition to the summer playlist.

Connect with Gabrielle Vaughn: Website


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