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Gabrielle Metz Melts Our Hearts With New Single 'Hey Cupid'

February 8, 2021 (Nashville, TN)On Friday, rising singer-songwriter Gabrielle Metz released "Hey Cupid," her latest single. It is now available on all digital download and streaming platforms.

While we’re working our nine-to-fives, how’s Cupid earning his pay? That’s exactly what Gabrielle Metz is trying to figure out in her new single. In her unfolding love story, Metz has penned her chapter on longing. It doesn’t feature the slow, moody, minor fall, major lift piano you might think it would. Instead, Metz uses an upbeat guitar riff and a steady drumbeat to propel her song into the chorus, where she asks the almighty god of love to “put in some overtime” and “help a girl out” on the romantic front. Though she may not have found her “Mister Right” yet, Metz has surely used the past year to find the “Mister Right” of her sound.

"Hey Cupid" is such a fun GNO anthem. Gabrielle respectfully calls out Cupid with a very catchy melody. Lyrically, you can hear the value Gabrielle places on love and what it's like to wait in the wings for a turn. The song sets the mood for an anti-Valentine's Day -- perfect for a car full of holiday boycotters driving around as they scream the lyrics "I've been rolling solo for 19 years." While her writing style and voice is reminiscent of a young Kacey Musgraves, Gabrielle captures a perfect pop sound with her instrumentation. The guitar solo and punchy kick drum at the end of the track really amps up the sound, creating a heartbeat for that overarching theme of waiting on love.

A bit more pop-influenced than some of her more recent singles (including “Christmas With You,” “Thin Ice” and “Hear My Heart”), with "Hey Cupid," Metz has fine-tuned her sound and put herself back in the spotlight for the new year.

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