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Exploring the Allure of Morgan Wade's ''Psychopath'' - A Love Song with a Dark Twist

Morgan Wade is releasing a new album that pulls you right back into the classic country era. Being her second studio album, it will feature even more of the sound old fans love as well as a new twist for listeners just discovering her.

The album releases on Aug. 25 via Sony Music Nashville. It encompasses Wade’s journey as she continues to discover herself through her music. It follows the theme at the core of all of her music, speaking her truth. This becomes a common message that many listeners can relate to.

Focusing on the emotion of each moment in which they were written, this collection of songs connects the listener and the artist on a deeper level. It doesn’t mean that there are no fun moments, however.

Regardless of the outcome. Morgan is proud of this new album. SHe feels it truly showcases where she is in her career.

The title track “Psychopath" was released on Friday, May 19th but Wade has been teasing the track on social media. She shared a piece of it on Wednesday, showcasing how different the sound is from what the title might imply. Following the theme of a love song, the title becomes a bit of a misnomer hiding the sweeter theme.

With the release of the rest of the album, Wade hopes to inspire and delight her audience with a new taste of country music. She has scheduled a European tour for later this year, exciting fans for the future performances.


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