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Exclusive: Stella Parton Shares Details Behind New Album "Survivor"

Photo Credit: Melanie Siegrist

Stella Parton is celebrating five decades in the entertainment industry as an international award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, author and producer with her upcoming release of her new album, Survivor. The self-produced project features Parton's original songs including "I Ain't Leavin' Till I'm Even," a collaboration with Wayne Carson.

"On the album, you can expect more of myself," explains Parton. "I've tried to work this project as a live concert. Throughout each track of the album I want people to feel a variety of emotions with the storyline of the album.

With a world filled with digital downloads, we chatted with Parton about how different streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify have impacted an artists career and herself.

"It's been the best thing that could ever happen to myself as an indie artist," expresses Stella. " The music industry has a stranglehold on indie artists like myself and I have always had to struggle with different things including distribution.

If you haven't already figured out Stella Parton is an absolute queen, you'll be finding that out very quickly. As previously stated, Stella self-produced her upcoming project. She also owns her own record label.

"Being a women hasn't benefited me at all," explains Parton. "I've just been a different kind of women who always dances to her own drum. I've ignored all the negative comments that I've received and just kept pushing through with my career."

Throughout her album, each of the tracts addresses a different issue including the popular topic; #MeToo. In our recent conversation, Stella explained why she felt like she needed to share the topic in her new album. "I'm very sad and disappointed that more people in the industry, expressly in the country music industry haven't spoken up."

Survivor pays tribute to the self-sufficient spirit Parton established as the sixth of twelve children born to her impoverished Smoky Mountain Family. Stay tuned for March 29th, as her 40th studio album officially releases.

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