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Exclusive Premiere: The Nouveaux Honkies Release New Music Video "Playing Cards With Myself"

In mid 2014, The Americana Duo Rebecca Dawkins and Tim O’Donnell, of The Nouveaux Honkies, hoisted anchor and set sail in their rebuilt RV. The journey started in South Florida and took them as far west as the Rockies, as far north as the Great Lakes, as far east as Cape Cod, and returned south for the winter. It’s been somewhere around 150 thousand miles, 600 shows, and at least one million smiles. The duo has been touring ever since and spend most of their life on the road entertaining audiences with their distinctive and fresh original music. They are Americana Roots with splashes of r&b - blues.

Tim O'Donnell says, “Playing Cards With Myself” is one of the first songs I wrote as a teenager. It was a time of major decision, following ones dream or following the dream portrayed by a system that defines what success is. I stumbled across the song when we were moving out of our house and renovating our RV for travel. I saw the lyrics scribbled on an old paper bag. When I look at lyrics I wrote as a youngster it evident to me that 25 years of living since have make many of my old problems seem juvenile, but this song was different. It was still current to me.

The song is an apocalyptic dream of realizing I am on my own, that my decisions can create scenarios that I may or may not like. Those decisions also make me question the “what if” I did one small thing differently. Is money and success more important than sanity and peace? Is life basically a card game we play with ourselves? Do we bluff on bad hands because of overconfidence and fold on good ones because of fear?

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