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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Sierra Annie Band's NEW Single "Bad Habit"

After keeping her fans waiting, Sierra Annie Band is releasing her first song in a new and original genre they call Pop-Punk with a Country Twist. We spoke with Sierra about her song and here is what she had to say... but first take a listen to "Bad Habit"!

Music Update Central: You have not put out music for awhile, what inspired you to drop this track?

Sierra Annie: This song was written back in 2017 and I’ve kind of just been sitting on it since then! I wanted to put out a song that was a good transition from the more country stuff that I’d released in the past, into the genre that I am shifting toward as an artist: pop-punk with a country twist. This track embodies both genres that inspired me to be a songwriter. It’s a really exciting thing for me! :) 

Music Update Central: Who were the writers on the track and where was it recorded and produced?

Sierra Annie: I am the sole writer on the song! It was recorded in Des Moines, Iowa at Establishment Studios, as well as here in my home in Nashville! It was produced by Cameron Brookes in my home studio! 

Music Update Central: What inspired this song?

Sierra Annie: I fell in love with a boy in the fall of 2017. This song was written about him and how “addictive” his personality was to me in those first couple months.

Music Update Central: What can your fans expect from you next?

Sierra Annie: My fans can expect a lot more riffs, more energy, and as always, honest, authentic, and raw lyrics that come straight from my own head and heart.

You Can Connect with Sierra Annie Band at:

Instagram: @ sierraxsongs


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